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dotCover 1.1, dotTrace 4.5 Performance RC builds + known issue with MSTest

First of all, dotCover 1.1 RC and dotTrace 4.5 Performance RC builds are available starting today. We’ve fixed a couple of issues since Beta 2 builds, such as buttons not working in some cases in dotCover’s Show Covering Tests pop-up, … Continue reading

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Losing templates on ReSharper upgrade

Derick Bailey pointed out today on Twitter that during an upgrade, he lost his ReSharper templates.   ReSharper should import the existing templates during an upgrade. However, for some odd reason, sometimes this does not occur. We managed to sort … Continue reading

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A Quick Update on Issues and Workarounds

Users keep coming with questions whether a particular issue that they encounter in Visual Studio is related to ReSharper. Well, some of them are, some of them aren’t. Either way, we try our best to provide info on workarounds for … Continue reading

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ReSharper 5.0: Known Issues, Workarounds, and Bugfix Schedule

Hello everyone! Hope you’re having a good time using the new ReSharper 5.0. If you do, just ignore this post  If you’re facing issues with ReSharper 5.0, read on. There are certain bugs, usability problems and otherwise weird behavior that … Continue reading

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