NDC 2011–We’ll be there!


For the 3rd year in a row, we are going to NDC!

NDC is one of those conferences that includes different topics and technologies. There’s a good mix of .NET, JavaScript, Ruby, Java and general Architecture and Process related talks. As such, it’s a great fit for JetBrains. This year we have a bigger booth and more things to show you.

We’ll have Eugene from TeamCity team there. If you want to learn more about what’s new in TeamCity 6.5 or the upcoming features we are working on for NuGet support, it’s your chance to pick his brains. Ruslan, from the dotCover team will also be there, showing off the latest and greatest in dotCover 1.1, as well as Valery who can help you with any and all questions related to YouTrack! And with the upcoming release of version 3, you’ll really want to check it out!

We’re also lucky enough to coincide with not one, not two, but three! Academy Members at this conference: Udi Dahan, Sebastian Lambla and Donald Belcham. I’ll be there also, giving two talks: one on dealing with legacy code and another on Dynamic in a static world. The rest of the time you can find me at the booth.

We are also looking into potentially have a Ninja Workshop on Tips and Tricks for ReSharper. This was prompted by a conversation some of us were having on Twitter, and after running an informal poll, quite a bit of interest was shown. It’s still under talks to see if it will be possible. However, I do ask, whether you’ve already replied on Twitter or this is the first time you’ve heard about it, if we were to hold this (probably one hour) session during a time where it does not overlap with other sessions, would you be interested in attending? If so, please leave a comment here. Please note that nothing is definite yet so it might not go ahead (although we’re hoping it will).

See you there!

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