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Oredev License Raffle Winners!

We’ve recently got home from Oredev after having a great time talking with developers from all around Northern Europe, drawing pictures and shaping the geek fashion. This is one terrific conference and we’ll do our best to get there next year as well.

We have also invited attendees to take part in a license raffle at the booth, and we are now happy to announce the 10 lucky winners. Here they are:

  • Magnus Kivi: IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate license
  • Robert Broden: IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate license
  • Alexander Tarnowski: IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate license
  • Henrik Andersson: dotTrace Performance + Memory licenses
  • Olle Jacobsen: dotTrace Performance + Memory licenses
  • Erik Agren: dotTrace Performance + Memory licenses
  • Shmuel Gershon: dotTrace Performance + Memory licenses
  • Jens Ribbholm: ReSharper license
  • Tommy Savela: ReSharper license
  • Jukka Puranen: RubyMine license

Congratulations to those lucky devs who should receive their license certificates in a short while. Develop (and profile) with pleasure!

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