New dotPeek Build: Base Types and Inheritors in Assembly Explorer

We have today released a new early build of dotPeek, our lovely .NET decompiler and assembly browser.

One thing about this new build that’s worth a mention is that from now on, the Assembly Explorer contains nodes representing base types and inheritors of the current type — in addition to the actual list of members:

We hope that would be a handy addition for people with Reflector background. Of course, you can still use ReSharper-based navigation features such as Go to Base, Go to Inheritor, and Type Hierarchy to explore inheritance chains from symbol occurrences in the source code view area.

Other than that, the new build is mostly filled with bug fixes in decompiler core, and a couple of niceties such as support for non-standard DPI settings in the UI, and support for Math.E and Math.Pi, which for example enables the decompiler to output 2.0*Math.PI/3.0 instead of 2.0943951023931966.

The list of all fixes in the build is available here, and as usual, you can get the new dotPeek build from the Early Access Program home page.

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