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ReSharper Ultimate 2016.2 Release Candidate

Ladies and gentlemen, you can now download ReSharper Ultimate 2016.2 Release Candidate!

All new features and improvements that we have revealed and blogged about in recent months are now in pre-final state.

This includes things as exciting as textual search via Go to Text, structural navigation with Tab, and warnings in solution-wide analysis, as well as more mundane fixes, of which there are plenty.

If you still have pressing issues with 2016.2 RC or if something that we assume fixed doesn’t actually solve your issues (btw, everyone who has been unhappy about Move to Folder behavior with TFS, we’re waiting for you to confirm a fix), this is probably your last chance to let us know via comments here, or better yet, via issues in respective product trackers: ReSharper, ReSharper C++, dotTrace, dotMemory, dotPeek or dotCover.

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