Rider: licensing and pricing

How much will Rider cost? Will it be a part of JetBrains All Products pack? We have faced these and related questions for quite a while, and it’s about time we make this information public.

Commercial and personal pricing

Here’s a list of USD prices in different licensing scenarios. These are first-year subscription prices. As usual, continuous subscription discounts are available: in the second year of uninterrupted Rider subscription, you get 20% off, and then 40% off in the third year onward.

Commercial license /1st year Personal license /1st year
Rider $349 $139
Rider + ReSharper Ultimate $449 $179
All Products (includes Rider) $649 $249

Rider will be a part of JetBrains All Products

Good news is that if you are an All Products pack subscriber, you will get access to Rider (as soon as it is released) along with IntelliJ IDEA, ReSharper Ultimate, PyCharm, WebStorm, DataGrip and all other individual developer tools that we offer.

Even better news? The price of All Products pack stays the same despite adding Rider!

A new bundle: Rider + ReSharper Ultimate

If you want to use Rider but you plan on switching back and forth between Rider and Visual Studio, then you’re probably in the right position to consider upgrading to the All Products pack, given how much the pack includes.

However, there’s also a cheaper option: a new Rider + ReSharper Ultimate subscription bundle, which is only marginally more expensive than a ReSharper Ultimate subscription, yet provides you access to both worlds. This new bundle is also a good option if you’re only developing on Windows and want access to profiling tools that are part of ReSharper Ultimate.

Even better, if you have an existing ReSharper Ultimate subscription, you can upgrade it to Rider + ReSharper Ultimate and keep the continuous subscription discount that you have earned before upgrading.

Complimentary licenses will be available

Similar to ReSharper Ultimate, Rider will be available for free to selected groups of customers:


We’ll start selling Rider subscriptions as soon as Rider hits its first RTM. Our current target is to release Rider before the end of Q2 2017. However, release schedule changes are possible, and if they occur, we’ll certainly let you know.

Meanwhile, make sure to get the latest Rider EAP build.

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57 Responses to Rider: licensing and pricing

  1. A tester says:

    So, whats in it for the people who tested your eap’s for months?
    Let me guess, just a thank you for the time and effort and now we dont need you anymore please pay full price for rider?

    • Erik A. Brandstadmoen says:

      How’s that for ungrateful? You’ve been given the chance to use the product for free for months, in exchange for reporting any errors, if you could be bothered. And all you do in return in whine… These people make this product for a living.

      • Keenan Thompson says:

        Thank you, Erik. I can’t believe this person!

      • Radoslaw Niemczyk says:

        Agree but giving small discount would be awesome marketing stunt.

        • Ed says:

          I’ve been using it since day 1 and I came in with the expectation that at one point it won’t be free anymore and that’s fine. Jetbrains makes money off their IDEs and their very good tools for the money. why does everything have to be free?

          If you’re being a tester to just get free stuff, you’re in it for the wrong reasons.

      • darth pixel says:

        Erik A. Brandstadmoen
        especially because JB knows how to say ‘thank you’ for really active and devoted testers

      • Matt Newell says:

        +1 Ungrateful

        Personally, I already subscribe to the All Products pack so I will be able to continue to use Rider at no additional cost.

        Thanks JetBrains!

    • BooFar says:

      If I understood it right, there will be a free version for non commercial use. So everything is good.
      And if you want to earn money with your code, why not paying for the IDE?

  2. Mike-EEE says:

    Wow! Much approve. I gotta say with the cluster of VS2017 I have gotten back into a virtualized environment and have installed Rider and have started to check it out. Pricepoint is (yet) another reason to make the jump. :)

  3. Excellent point “A tester”, I’m on the same boat, been providing very valuable feedback on twitter regularly, feeling very unappreciated right now.

    • Hadi Hariri says:

      Hello Ricardo,

      I’m not sure why this blog post makes you feel very unappreciated. The post is merely outlining the pricing for the product along with its availability in relation to the existing programs we have.

      We very much appreciate all the help, feedback and reporting we get from those that use our products under EAP. Whether certain individuals that have been very active in testing and reporting issues get an additional thank you and receive a complimentary license is a different matter.

      Thank you.

      • Gilbert says:

        @Hadri, might have been a good idea to mention that in the blog. People do hope for recognition when they put themselves out to test a beta product.

  4. Bogdan says:

    Would’ve loved to see Rider included within the Resharper Ultimate license. Getting through the company bureaucracy to upgrade, after they just got us R# Ultimate, will be pretty difficult :(

  5. Rafa says:

    The Hope of getting it free for being tester is gone…but that’s a fair price! Thanks!

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  7. Rafa says:

    Also, community version like Intellij would be great :)

  8. Karl says:

    I’m glad to see a cross-platform solution for C#, F# & .NET released, especially by a company that makes seriously good tools.


  9. Qinsi Long says:

    I’m a subscriber of All Products Pack, Now there is no Rider in my production list. I want to know when Rider RTM is released, will it be in my product list?

    Following products included:
    IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate ReSharper ReSharper C++ dotTrace dotMemory
    dotCover AppCode CLion PhpStorm PyCharm
    RubyMine WebStorm DataGrip

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  12. Dev says:

    Is it still using Java? In that case at that price I am not interested until version +2. Unless you pay me same money to test it.

    • Ed says:

      why does it matter what language they use to create the tool? It works very well and I never had any trouble using any of their IDEs.

  13. Simon says:

    Hi, just a quick query… my Resharper Ultimate subscription is up for renewal next week, will I be able to upgrade it to a R# Ult + Rider subscription once it’s available (by paying the difference)?

    Thanks for the top work!

    • Jura Gorohovsky says:

      Yes, you should be able to upgrade your subscription as soon as R# Ultimate + Rider goes live.

  14. Thomas Baer says:

    I’ve been hyping Rider all over Purdue. I was surprised at how few people had heard of it, despite Purdue teaching Android Studio and IntelliJ Idea as the go to IDEs for Java based languages. Nearly everyone I talked to preferred Rider over VS2017, and I await anxiously for the day I can dump VS and use Rider for XAML as well. ResX Manager is something that will be difficult to replace, but I’ll figure something out. All I have to say is thank you!

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  18. I saw a reference to F# features in latest EAP… will this support be official by Q2 2017 or this continue to be on EAP outside of Rider being out in the market.

    • Jura Gorohovsky says:

      F# will be officially supported as a bundled plugin.

      We will have regular EAPs available outside of released versions of Rider but these will cover all the functionality that Rider has, not only F#.

  19. Oleksii Vynnychenko says:

    Glad you’re making potentially a very good product, but Q2 2017 doesn’t seem to be realistic at all. I’m already using Rider extensively for couple of weeks because it’s like 4x faster than VS2015 + R# on my really slow machine at work. But all those exceptions, bugs (even in debugger, that by definition are showstoppers) – can’t imagine you fixing the majority of those in 2 months so Rider can be on an average level of your other products.

    Anyway, hope you’ll make it. :)

    • Jura Gorohovsky says:

      Thanks Oleksii! We’ll take another look at our schedule soon. We’ll surely take some additional time if this helps us stabilize.

  20. Thanks a ton for doing this – As a Unity Developer working on a Mac, Rider is a heaven sent. You guys think VS is bad, try working with Mono for a couple of years :). That said, Rider still has a bunch of issues that needs to be sorted out, but I’m sure you’ll get there.

    Pricing looks good IMO, I’m upgrading to All Products as soon as it’s out (already have IDEA and AppCode, so for me it’s kind of a no-brainer).

    And for those bitching about the price: Do you work for free?… Nah, didn’t think so…

  21. Austin Coder says:

    I have not downloaded rider, however I am a current holder of resharper ultimate (in the 40% discount bracket).

    Though I mainly use my resharper license, I was interested in getting the All products pack (nice to have) to use the other tools. I was not offered the same discount (I am currently in) when trying to upgrade to a more expensive product and I suppose I will need 3 years to get back to my current discount bracket.

    Will the new Rider+Resharper ultimate have the same pricing nuance? I am an unpaid resharper salesman as I love the product. I have had my employer purchase 75 licenses just 6 months ago, however dont get much love from Jetbrains when I want to get the all product pack.

    • Jura Gorohovsky says:

      Austin, thanks for reporting this. Not keeping the continuity discount on an upgrade just doesn’t feel right. I’ll find out why it’s working like this right now with ReSharper Ultimate to All Products. I’m pretty sure that upgrading from ReSharper Ultimate to Rider + ReSharper Ultimate should keep the continuity discount though.

      • Austin Coder says:

        Thanks Jura,

        Definitely would like to know the particulars of the all products upgrade. I have an older intellij ultimate subscription that offers continuity discount for all products pack, however this is not available for the resharper ultimate subscription (they are priced the same)

        • Jura Gorohovsky says:

          I made some inquiries, and the continuity discount is expected to be kept when you upgrade from R# Ultimate to All Products. There is a scenario where this doesn’t seem to work (and we’ll be fixing the problem soon). We’d be happy to check your account and see whether there’s a different problem in your case. If you can, please e-mail me at Jura.Gorohovsky at jetbrains with a reference number from one of your orders or other info that would help us identify your record in our customer database. Thanks

  22. Mikkel Løkke says:

    So no love for those of us that already haver IntelliJ?`Is IntelliJ no longer the flagship product?

    • Jura Gorohovsky says:

      IntelliJ IDEA is one of the flagship products but it’s targeted at JVM developers while Rider is targeted at .NET developers, two groups that have little intersection. If someone is a current user of IntelliJ IDEA and they want to use Rider as well, the best way for them will be to get an All Products subscription.

  23. Mega says:

    I’m very excited for this. I think the middle ground for getting an indie developer to switch from VS Community (free) would be to offer a paid option that bridges the gap for user who’ve never used R#, are using VSC, are using open-source tools like Atom, are using macs, but have interest in getting into .NET development.

    Anyway, I’m looking forward to this and I’m currently trying it out. Very impressed.

    • Jonathan says:

      Funny is the fact that many open source advocates and developers advertise with proud that “I’m a Mac user”… being macOS one of the most closed and obscure operating systems out there…

  24. Linas says:

    Give me a .NET Core debugger on Linux and you get my money instantly. :)

    • Jonathan says:

      @Linas, by the way, VS Code (completely free, open source and cross platform) has a .NET Core debugger. Might not be as fancy as the one included with Rider or Visual Studio 2017, but it definitively gets the job done — variable and code inspection, conditional debugging, etc. the most used features are there for sure.

  25. Rafa says:

    Another idea I would love is to have Rider as the “Unity3D Studio”, the same way Intellij is “Android Studio”

  26. Jonathan says:

    Interesting to hear these words: “These people make this product for a living.” (people here means the JetBrains folks)

    However, when discussing the costs of another solutions, such as Visual Studio, everybody says it’s a piece of sh*t because the it costs $$, where in fact there’s Community version free of charge. And I guess those folks at MS also make a commercial version because they also make that product for a living…

  27. Jonathan says:

    @Linas, by the way, VS Code has a .NET Core debugger. Might not be as fancy as the one included with Rider or Visual Studio 2017, but it definitively gets the job done — variable and code inspection, conditional debugging, etc. the most used features are there for sure.

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