Rider: licensing and pricing

How much will Rider cost? Will it be a part of JetBrains All Products pack? We have faced these and related questions for quite a while, and it’s about time we make this information public.

Commercial and personal pricing

Here’s a list of USD prices in different licensing scenarios. These are first-year subscription prices. As usual, continuous subscription discounts are available: in the second year of uninterrupted Rider subscription, you get 20% off, and then 40% off in the third year onward.

Commercial license /1st year Personal license /1st year
Rider $349 $139
Rider + ReSharper Ultimate $449 $179
All Products (includes Rider) $649 $249

Rider will be a part of JetBrains All Products

Good news is that if you are an All Products pack subscriber, you will get access to Rider (as soon as it is released) along with IntelliJ IDEA, ReSharper Ultimate, PyCharm, WebStorm, DataGrip and all other individual developer tools that we offer.

Even better news? The price of All Products pack stays the same despite adding Rider!

A new bundle: Rider + ReSharper Ultimate

If you want to use Rider but you plan on switching back and forth between Rider and Visual Studio, then you’re probably in the right position to consider upgrading to the All Products pack, given how much the pack includes.

However, there’s also a cheaper option: a new Rider + ReSharper Ultimate subscription bundle, which is only marginally more expensive than a ReSharper Ultimate subscription, yet provides you access to both worlds. This new bundle is also a good option if you’re only developing on Windows and want access to profiling tools that are part of ReSharper Ultimate.

Even better, if you have an existing ReSharper Ultimate subscription, you can upgrade it to Rider + ReSharper Ultimate and keep the continuous subscription discount that you have earned before upgrading.

Complimentary licenses will be available

Similar to ReSharper Ultimate, Rider will be available for free to selected groups of customers:


We’ll start selling Rider subscriptions as soon as Rider hits its first RTM. Our current target is to release Rider before the end of Q2 2017. However, release schedule changes are possible, and if they occur, we’ll certainly let you know.

Meanwhile, make sure to get the latest Rider EAP build.

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