Rider 2017.1 – JetBrains .NET IDE hits RTM

Today, a certain cross-platform .NET IDE hits its greatest milestone so far: Rider 2017.1 RTM is now available for download and purchase. If you’re an All Products Pack subscriber, the license covers Rider: just start using it right away.

JetBrains Rider 2017.1 is released

What is JetBrains Rider

If you haven’t been following closely, here’s a quick summary of Rider.

Rider is a cross-platform .NET IDE: you can use it on Windows, Mac and Linux. Rider lets you develop ASP.NET, .NET Core, .NET Framework, Xamarin and Unity applications.

Rider is a combination of several JetBrains technologies: it puts ReSharper‘s powerful .NET support in the shell of IntelliJ IDEA, and includes WebStorm (front-end development) and DataGrip (SQL and database management) functionality out of the box. If you have experience using ReSharper in Visual Studio, or any of JetBrains IDEs, we hope you will feel right at home with Rider.

Languages supported by Rider include C#, VB.NET, F#, ASP.NET’s Razor syntax, JavaScript, TypeScript, XAML, HTML, CSS, SCSS, LESS, JSON, and SQL.

Rider’s feature set includes 2,000+ live code inspections across the supported languages, 500+ refactorings, a variety of code base navigation helpers, a unit test runner, debugger, rich coding assistance, and a lot more advanced IDE features.

How is Rider licensed?

As we blogged earlier, Rider uses the standard JetBrains licensing model: there are subscriptions available for corporate and individual customers, with monthly and yearly payment options. Using your subscription continuously helps you save up to 40% off standard price on your third year and onwards.

In addition to standalone licensing, Rider is also part of All Products pack along with other JetBrains IDEs and .NET tools. There’s also a Rider + ReSharper Ultimate bundle subscription that helps you save on subscription costs while keeping access to other JetBrains .NET tools such as ReSharper and dotTrace.

Rider is available for free to selected groups of customers including Microsoft MVPs, ASP.NET insiders, students, teachers, and non-commercial Open Source projects.

To learn more about pricing, get a quote or apply for a complimentary license, see the Rider Buy page.

What’s next?

We want to roll out at least two more releases this year: an inevitable bugfix release in a few weeks, and another major release (2017.2) in the Fall. Things that we expect to be addressing include support for MSTest and .NET Core 2.0, as well as releasing an SDK. We’ll certainly be keeping a close eye on your feedback (submitted via the support form, issue tracker or elsewhere) to see what other major issues need to be addressed.

Meanwhile, please download Rider for Windows, macOS or Linux, and take it for a 30-day trial.

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80 Responses to Rider 2017.1 – JetBrains .NET IDE hits RTM

  1. Derek says:

    I’m interested in purchasing options but your Buy link (https://www.jetbrains.com/rider/buy/) is not working. :)

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  3. Ed says:

    We are current ReSharper / Visual Studio users and I only see an option to purchase ReSharper Ultimate + Rider. We don’t have budget for Ultimate. Is there an option to purchase just ReSharper + Rider?

    If so, how much to add Rider to our existing ReSharper license? We are a long time business customer since ReSharper v1.

    • Jura Gorohovsky says:

      Ed, we don’t have a ReSharper + Rider pack because we feel that the pricing that we set for the ReSharper Ultimate + Rider bundle already provides a significant advantage (~$450) over buying ReSharper and Rider (~$650) separately. Upgrading existing commercial ReSharper subscriptions to ReSharper Ulitmate + Rider will cost $150 or less, depending on your subscription status. For a more precise estimate, you can use your company’s JetBrains Account to get a quote, or contact JetBrains sales.

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  5. pete says:

    Awesome news! Congratulations and thanks for great work guys! Keep it up!

  6. Jörg B. says:

    Good evening,

    congratulations for reaching RTM & I wanted to upgrade from my 3years(+) Resharper Ultimate license but noticed that I would not get the ‘3 years onwards’ price with the Resharper + Rider combo pack but it would rather start again from the beginning.

    Are there any plans to allow long-time Resharper customers to roll their multi-year-customer status/benefit over to the R#+Rider combo?


    • smad says:

      Also disappointed (as user of Resharper Ultimate). With current features and bugs, i’m not ready to pay full price again. Where is ctrl+alt+shift+A (show origin,destination) ,ctr+T,T (text search), ctrl+shift+f11, search with pattern(creating custom code inspections and quick-fixes), code lens(references count), etc.

      • Jura Gorohovsky says:

        Apologies. Please try again: not keeping the continuity discount on upgrade from ReSharper Ultimate to ReSharper Ultimate + Rider was a bug that we’ve just deployed a fix for.

        As to the features that you pointed out, their status is the following:
        * Call and value tracking that are available on Ctrl+Alt+Shift+A in ReSharper: we hope to add these features later this year, we’re missing them, too
        * Go to Text will probably not be added because Rider’s Find in Path provides a very similar experience with live preview of results
        * Go to Type Declaration (Ctrl+Shift+F11 in ReSharper) is available as Go to Type of Symbol via a shortcut or the Navigate To menu.
        * UI to search with pattern: no definite plans for now. The IntelliJ platform has its own UI for these purposes, we’ll probably need to reuse it but we can’t give an estimate.
        * Functionality similar to CodeLens: please vote up RIDER-2278. Quite a popular request and we’ll get to it but probably not earlier than in 2017.3

        • Smad says:

          Thx for fix and explaining, made upgrade)

        • Sergii Volchkov says:

          Is there an issue to vote for regarding “Call and value tracking that are available on Ctrl+Alt+Shift+A”?
          I’d like to be able to use Rider as a more lightweight alternative to VS when I need to quickly check how something works in a project other than the primary one I work on, and in this workflow R# navigation features are key.

    • Jura Gorohovsky says:

      Hi Jörg,

      Right, not keeping the continuity discount when upgrading from ReSharper Ultimate to ReSharper Ultimate from Rider was a bug that we have just deployed a fix for. Please try again, and I’d appreciate if you confirm that your 3+ year discount is preserved.

      Thanks and apologies!

  7. Taylor Graham says:

    Congratulations to the Rider team! Very excited about this :) Is there any plans in the pipeline for implementing other JetBrains tools like dotCover or dotTrace into Rider?

    • ADev says:

      I am also interested in integration with other tools!

      And congrats to the jetbrains team, you did awesome work, im glad i participated to the EAPs, this is the best IDE for C# dev, after few years, we finaly got it thanks <3

    • Jura Gorohovsky says:

      Thanks Taylor!

      We do have integrating these guys in mind but we’d need a cross-platform profiler technology which isn’t complete yet. I wouldn’t expect to see anything along these lines in production less than in a year from now.

      • Taylor Graham says:

        Understandable – I know OpenCover is facing similar issues for providing cross-platform support. Thanks for the response!

  8. Amri says:

    May I know what are the changes between the RC and this release ?

  9. Alexandra, thanks for the heads up. Seems like there are some major issues to iron out.

  10. Alexander Ovchinnikov says:

    why my evaluation license already expired?

  11. Nontas Ravazoulas says:

    Great news as always!!!

    Question, does Rider support publishing a release apk for xamarin forms project?
    I’ve tried Build->Publish Solution but nothing happens…


  12. Simon says:

    Hi JB,

    Congrats on the release, great work!

    This blog post https://blog.jetbrains.com/dotnet/2017/05/03/rider-licensing-pricing/
    “Even better, if you have an existing ReSharper Ultimate subscription, you can upgrade it to Rider + ReSharper Ultimate and keep the continuous subscription discount that you have earned before upgrading.”

    I don’t seem able to buy a copy without losing my discount, did you change your mind on this?


    • Jura Gorohovsky says:

      Simon, this was a bug that we’ve deployed a fix for today. The continuity discount should now be honored when you upgrade from ReSharper Ultimate to ReSharper Ultimate + Rider. Apologies.

  13. Mark says:

    Kudos to the teams on completing this huge undertaking.

    Looking forward to the 2017.2 EAP with .NET Core 2.0 support. 😉

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  15. Behrad Izadi says:

    I opened a xamarin form project in Rider and everything is fine except I can’t connect the iPhone simulator to Rider
    It says nothing to show

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  17. Hung Nguyen says:

    Please improve the look and feel, the file icons look cheap and the navigator buttons look so boring, make them colorful please. You guys can have a look the Material theme of Intelij IDEA, a lot people love it. An IDE is good not only by the functionalities it offer but also by how it looks like

  18. Ken says:

    Great work! Very happy with what I’ve seen so far .

    Question: Does Rider support docker container debug and continue. Like that was introduced with dcproj and VS 2017? I don’t need it often, but when I do it’s extremely useful.

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  20. John Doe says:

    Are there any plans to implement winforms designer in rider?

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  22. Eric Brunner says:

    Can I use my existing R# commerial (not ultimate) licence when I buy only the Rider IDE or what options exist?
    Thanks for clarifications

    • Jura Gorohovsky says:


      Your best option is to upgrade ReSharper to the ReSharper Ultimate + Rider pack. AFAIK the JetBrains eStore is expected to support this kind of upgrade directly (as opposed to a two-step upgrade) later this week.

  23. Jamie.Oglethorpe says:

    Is there, or will there be support for SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT AKA .sqlproj)?

  24. Alex says:

    I would like to test the deployment options and I set up an FTP server, but the Tools/Deployment options are grayed out. Is this a limitation of the free trial?
    Thank you!

  25. Aaron says:

    Hi, I was using Rider beta here and there to see if it’s become usable and ready for a production environment but it wasn’t. And it seems this has counted towards my 30 day trial for the RTM release. I’m sure a lot of people like me would like to give it another go now that it’s come out of beta. Can you extend the trial?

  26. You guys want to charge me $89 upgrading from Resharper Ultimate to Resharper Ultimate + Rider, even though there is only a $30 price difference. And no, extension of the license period is not to blame, because I only upgraded to Resharper Ultimate yesterday.

    Why are you doing this to customers?

  27. Andre Santos says:

    Very cool, is rider functionality be added as a plugin to IntelliJ Idea the same way Intellij is a superset of webstorm/phpstorm or it will always be a separate product?

    Yes, I know, weird request 😛 but I like to use Rider to build part of my system and then continue my webdevelopment/java dev with the good old IDEA.

  28. Hi! Thank you very much with this super IDE for .NET Developers on a Mac. I have some questions about features it will come:

    – Multiplatform App with pre-configured Xamarin.Forms + .NET Standard project?
    – Create .NET Standard library
    – Add xaml page (Xamarin) beside of an WPF user control page
    – Third party plugins, easy to import from vs4mac or vs extensions? Gorilla Player/Xamarin Live Player support where great. MFractor where cool too.
    – iOS storyboard or Open with XCode?
    – iOS .plist UI for changing values?
    – Archive for publishing of Android and iOS?
    – iOS/Android Build, Bundle Signing and IPA/Package

    Thank’s a lot and rider looks really good! :)

    PS: Cool looking nuget manager

  29. Julia Vaseva says:

    Hi Dachi,

    Rider fully supports Xamarin.Forms application development except for having a project template for it. Everything considering UI is already on our to-do list. You might be interested in the following feature requests: RIDER-7615, RIDER-609, RIDER-8551, RIDER-8008
    Publishing Android and iOS is something we are working on too.

    Speaking about plugins, we are about to provide an SDK for those who would like to develop plugins for Rider, but importing VS extensions to Rider is rather a question for extension developers.

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  31. Bradley says:

    I know it isn’t great for your marketing, but I’d like to know what Visual Studio features this *doesn’t* support.

    • Jura Gorohovsky says:

      Bradley, thanks for the question, it’s fine for our marketing.

      Off top of my head, features that the Visual Studio has but the current Rider lacks include: UI designers (for WebForms, WinForms, UWP, WPF), IntelliTrace, code metrics (maintainability index, cyclomatic complexity, depth of inheritance, class coupling, lines of code), performance and diagnostics hub, MSTest (Visual Studio Testing) support, visual resource editor, CodeLens, architecture and modelling tools (Code Map, UML and layer diagrams), and code clone detection.

      Two things to note in this regard: (1) many of the Visual features above are only available in Visual Studio Enterprise; (2) some of these features will arrive in Rider sooner or later: for example, MSTest will be supported in version 2017.2.

  32. Alexey Osipenko says:

    It’s great to have Idea-based IDE for C# on Linux. Thanks for your work.
    But I have a problem, trying to use it instead of VS+ReSharper toolset: I have some self-written ReSharper plugins with my custom inspections and I have not found a way to use them with Rider. Is there .Net API to Raider IDE internals for plugin developers?

    • Jura Gorohovsky says:

      Alexey, SDK for Rider is not yet there but we’re looking to make progress in this regard later this year. Stay tuned.

      • Alexey Osipenko says:

        And what platform it would be based on: .Net or Jvm?

        • Jura Gorohovsky says:

          For custom inspections, you’ll most likely be OK with .NET, and won’t have to change your code a lot compared to the way you write a ReSharper plugin.

          For more complicated plugins, you’d have to use wrote both .NET and JVM code.

  33. michael says:

    Is creating Xamarin projects supported for Linux machines?

  34. Rahul says:

    Downloaded RD-171.4456.2169 in zip format. How to start?
    I don’t find exe inside bin to start Rider.

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