Rider 2018.2 Early Access Program is open!

We are starting our Early Access Program (EAP) for the Rider 2018.2 release cycle. You’re welcome to download the first Rider 2018.2 EAP build from here.

Rider 2018.2 Early Access Program is open!

Here are some highlights of the new features in this EAP build:

  • Unity support: You can open a Unity Editor/Player log directly in Rider (filter and collapse similar log entries actions are available). Several new inspections/quickfixes/context actions have been added. A new FormerlySerializedAs attribute is available when you rename a serialized field. In addition, protocol features (Play/Pause/LogView) are available in any solution, in the same folder as the unity-generated one.
  • Unit Testing: Discovering and running tests in SDK-styled projects has become faster. You can now lock a Unit Test session to prevent adding more tests. Run and debug tests on Mono on Windows. It is possible to open the Unit Test Explorer window from the Navigate To menu, and Unit Testing related actions have been added into the default keymap.
  • Solution Explorer redesigned: We’ve introduced a new tree and toolbar design, and a new File System Explorer. You can now set up the Depends upon project property from the UI (including drag&drop and copy&paste). The Scratch View has been merged into the Solution Explorer. Finally, we’ve reworked the Attach Folder action and the Folders Always On Top mode. Check all of these out!
  • NuGet support includes filter and format customization in NuGet logs, and advanced diagnostics. Support for project.json-based projects has been discontinued, but we’ve added support for AutoReferenced packages and TLS-1.2-only NuGet feeds.
  • C# Interactive gets two new actions: Attach the debugger, and add project and assembly references to the current C# Interactive session.
  • Code Completion features a new scoring engine (reuses R# statistic logic), and new code completion for pointers in unsafe context (smart replace “.” into “->”) and for an active hotspot after expanding a live template (same as in ReSharper).
  • The debugger now includes partially improved presentation of stack frames. It supports Debugger.NotifyOfCrossThreadDependency (.NET / .NET Core only), changing debugger settings on the fly, and inspecting unsafe pointers on Mono/Unity 2018.2+.
  • The Re-run action is now available on the Find Usages tab.

As usual, in addition to “Rider only” features, Rider EAP gets lots of features from its parent tools:

  • From ReSharper, Rider gets an out-of-the-box ReSpeller, partial C# 7.3 support, initial Blazor support, and other goodies mentioned in this blog post.
  • From IntelliJ IDEA and WebStorm, Rider borrows new icons, a Version Control update, updated support for TypeScript/Angular/React/etc., and more. See this blog post for details.

More posts about these new and improved Rider/ReSharper features are coming soon on our blog. Stay tuned!

If you are more interested in the bug fixes in this build than in implemented features, our public bug tracker has the full list of those. All Unity-related features can be found here.

Don’t wait any more – download the first Rider 2018.2 EAP build (or use our Toolbox App to install it with no fuss) and preview all the new features right now!

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