ReSharper Ultimate 2018.2.2 is released!

Today, we’ve published one more bug-fix update to v2018.2 – ReSharper Ultimate 2018.2.2 is here!

Let me highlight the most notable changes in ReSharper 2018.2.2:

  • More than 20 bugs were eliminated across various Refactorings.
  • Fixes in XAML support include RSRP-471234, RSRP-471373, and RSRP-471345.
  • A dozen or so bug-fixes affecting Unit Testing were implemented.
  • We fixed a load of issues in Code Analysis.

To read more about all the changes in this build, please refer to our issue tracker.

ReSharper C++ 2018.2.2 updates the spell-checking inspection to skip commands in documentation comments. It also fixes two important issues where ReSharper C++ could sometimes fail to parse files with complicated macro expansions, and where it missed some usages when performing usage search. Check out this page for the full list of fixes.

Other ReSharper Ultimate tools have addressed some bugs as well: see fixes for dotCover 2018.2.2, dotMemory 2018.2.2, dotTrace 2018.2.2, and dotPeek 2018.2.2.

Come and grab the ReSharper Ultimate 2018.2.2 build to enjoy all the latest fixes!

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14 Responses to ReSharper Ultimate 2018.2.2 is released!

  1. Winfried Andreas says:

    Hi, any reason why this update announces itself as EAP in the splash screen?

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  4. cocowalla says:

    No performance improvements in this release?

    • Alexander Kurakin says:

      @cocowalla, all significant performance improvements have been made in 2018.2 release. In this release, we’ve addressed several small ones.

      • cocowalla says:

        Oh… that’s a big shame. TBH, I haven’t noticed any significant perf improvements yet, and VS still regularly shows messages saying things like ‘Extension Resharper caused 11s of unresponsiveness’ etc

        • Alexander Kurakin says:

          I guess Visual Studio will show this message even if ReSharper is as fast as the light. According to this page, “A UI unresponsiveness or crash notification means only that one of the extension’s modules was on the stack when the UI was unresponsive or when the crash occurred” and “It does not necessarily mean that the extension itself was the culprit.”. So, ReSharper may just call VS API to get some data from Visual Studio, but this API might be slow and as the result, you will still see the message because we can’t speed up VS API.
          Anyway, if you noticed any cases when you experience the UI freeze or some slowdown, please collect a performance snapshot and share it with us.

          • cocowalla says:

            If I disable ReSharper, Visual Studio becomes much more responsive – it’s been the same for years on multiple machines, across multiple VS versions and edition. It’s a rather well documented problem that ReSharper is rather infamous for :)

            • Alexander Kurakin says:

              ReSharper extends Visual Studio functionality a lot, and I am not sure that it is even possible to have the same response with ReSharper as you have in bare Visual Studio. Everything costs something.
              However, we do admit that ReSharper adds more impact to Visual Studio than it could do, and we are continuously working on it in every release. That’s why I was asking you to collect a perf snapshot when you see the impact. Some time ago, we wrote a blog series which explains lots of things under the hood.
              In my comment above, I was talking about the yellow VS box, it always shows a number of seconds which in most of the cases has nothing related to the real life.

              • cocowalla says:

                Of course, I expect more CPU cycles to be used. But at the same time, a beefy E3 Xeon with 64GB of memory should be more than enough to cope with the additional work.

  5. Jogge says:

    When do you except to fix this small bug?

  6. When will ReSharper support VS 2019 Preview? Or what version will it be waiting for?

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