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ReSharper Ultimate 2018.3 Is Within Spitting Distance!

Hello there,
Coming into the homestretch of this release cycle, we’ve just published the new EAP8 build for ReSharper Ultimate 2018.3. If you’ve been wanting to try all the new features before this major release goes public, now is the time to download this EAP build and give it a go!

The latest ReSharper 2018.3 EAP includes:

  • Parameter name hints right in the code editor to make C# and VB.NET code more readable.
  • Auto-detection of formatter settings and C# naming styles.
  • Initial support for Visual Studio 2019 Preview.
  • Initial support for the new localization procedure in the latest ASP.NET Core projects.
  • Improved C# 7 deconstruction support.
  • VB.NET 15.3 and 15.5 language support.
  • Lots of new inspections, quick-fixes, and context actions for C# code.
  • Performance optimizations.
  • TypeScript 3.0 support.

Other ReSharper Ultimate tools have received solid updates too:

  • ReSharper C++ 2018.3: Find dozens of improvements made to code refactoring, code analysis, and navigation. Read code easier with the improved error diagnostics in templated code, C++ name hints, and the improved parameter info popup. Let ReSharper C++ auto-detect the code formatting settings for you or start to make use of the predefined C++ naming schemes which are now available. Besides, the support for C++/CLI was improved. And if you are working with the Unreal Engine, you’ll appreciate the enhanced performance and parsing improvements for the reflection macros.
  • dotCover 2018.3: Now, there are two groups of filters in the dotCover options: runtime filters and results filters. The latter is extended with a filter by file name. Use it to exclude unnecessary (e.g., auto-generated) files from the results and reduce “noise” in the coverage tree.
  • The biggest thing about dotTrace 2018.3 is that it’s now integrated into JetBrains Rider on Windows. You can configure and run profiling sessions, get snapshots, and analyze them in the built-in viewer.
  • dotMemory 2018.3 gets a new condition for taking a snapshot on the profiling controller: Get a snapshot if total memory usage exceeds X MB. Also, you can click on a timeline graph to get the exact memory data at a specific time point.
  • dotPeek 2018.3 supports decompiling more C# 7.x features and makes it possible to copy the fully qualified name (FQN) of a symbol to the clipboard.

You are welcome to download ReSharper Ultimate 2018.3 EAP and give it a try! Your feedback is highly appreciated.

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