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Best Practices for Building Async APIs with ASP.NET Core – Webinar Recording

The recording of our January 22 webinar with Kevin Dockx is now available, as well as some resources and external links. Subscribe to our community newsletter to receive notifications about future webinars.

Did you know the main driver for async isn’t performance but scalability? Ever wondered why it makes sense to async I/O-bound tasks, but why doing the same with a long-running algorithm can actually hurt scalability? Or why using .Result on a Task in ASP.‌NET can result in a deadlock but perfectly works in ASP.‌NET Core – yet you still shouldn’t use it?

Webinar agenda:

  • 0:06 – Intro
  • 2:36 – Why write asynchronous code?
  • 15:12 – The async/await keywords
  • 20:20 – Async return types
  • 26:00 – Demo time
  • 42:30 – I/O bound vs. computational bound work
  • 57:40 – What about legacy code?
  • 1:01:16 – What about the synchronization context?
  • 1:22:20 – Wrap up and Q&A


About the presenter:

Kevin Dockx
Kevin is a freelance solution architect, Pluralsight author & consultant, living in Antwerp (Belgium). These days he’s mainly focused on RESTful architectures & security for web applications and mobile applications. He’s a Microsoft MVP, and a keen proponent of open-source software. Visit his blog at and follow him on Twitter.

Subscribe to our community newsletter to receive notifications about future webinars.

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