ReSharper Ultimate 2019.3 Release Is Out!

Hello everyone,

We’ve reached the last release milestone for this year – please give a warm welcome to ReSharper Ultimate 2019.3!


First, let’s take a brief look at the most important changes:

  • The brand new Localization Manager helps you work more efficiently with many .resx files in your solution. It shows everything in your .resx files on a single grid, so you can observe the current state of the application or website localization and quickly find any missing resource values in any culture.


  • C# 8 support has become even better and now includes support for notnull constraints, target-typed switch expressions, early support for default interface methods, and several new inspections and quick-fixes.
  • Code generation knows more about C# 8 and helps you learn it, too.


  • Find dependent code now works for NuGet references and can be run for the whole solution instead of just a project.

By no means are these the only updates in this release. We have even more for you:

  • C# naming settings now support reading from and exporting to EditorConfig.
  • Type Name Hints are available for all var occurrences, lambda parameters, and more.


  • The Unit Testing tool windows have new grouping modes and new filters.
  • We’ve added more color settings for extra precision with code highlighting.
  • ReSharper Command Line Tools are available on Linux and macOS, in addition to Windows.

This is just a short list of everything that has kept our team busy over the last 4 months. Please visit What’s New in ReSharper 2019.3 to read about all the changes in more detail.

Download ReSharper Ultimate 2019.3

ReSharper C++ 2019.3

ReSharper C++ 2019.3 is here to help you adopt C++20, including support for Concepts in Find Usages, the Rename refactoring, and code inspections. New type hints in the editor can make your code easier to read, while the new formatter options help tune your code style more precisely. There are also enhancements to navigation, live templates, and Clang-Tidy integration. For game developers working on Unreal Engine 4 projects, v2019.3 delivers more templates to generate UE4-specific code, as well as support for UE4’s Smart Pointers.


dotTrace 2019.3

dotTrace 2019.3 gets three new features:

  • We have finally released the dotTrace command-line tool for Linux and macOS.
  • Both dotTrace in Rider and the standalone dotTrace command-line profiler now support profiling .NET Core projects on Linux and macOS. Note that only projects targeting .NET Core 3.1 are fully supported. Because of .NET Core limitations, there may be issues with profiling projects that target .NET Core 3.0 or earlier, as in some cases the application being profiled may hang or crash.
  • The call tree in the Timeline Viewer is now easier to analyze, thanks to the flame graph.

dotMemory 2019.3

dotMemory 2019.3 gets these updates:

  • A new self-profiling API, which lets applications initialize and start a profiling session on their own. The self-profiling API is distributed as a NuGet package.
  • The option to export instance details to a .json file (.bson, .hex, and .txt are also available).
  • The ability to view the virtual memory address of an object instance.

dotCover 2019.3

dotCover 2019.3 gains support for Unity projects and projects using Microsoft Fakes. In addition, dotCover is now able to group coverage results by nested namespaces in Rider, in Visual Studio, and in reports generated by the dotCover console tool.

dotPeek 2019.3

dotPeek 2019.3 can navigate to the external sources of NuGet packages that have a source symbols package (.snupkg) and supports decompiling these additional C# 7 language features:

  • Tuples
  • Deconstruction
  • Discards

Download ReSharper Ultimate 2019.3

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45 Responses to ReSharper Ultimate 2019.3 Release Is Out!

  1. Richard says:

    Intellisense / autocomplete is so badly broken in R# 2019.3 that I’m going to have to roll back to 2019.2.1, or disable R# altogether. Was this even tested?

    Here’s hoping that 2019.3.1 fixes it; otherwise, we won’t be renewing next year.

  2. Rene Riedinger says:

    @Richard what do you mean with badly broken?
    can you add more details?

    • Richard says:

      Wrong or no items selected in the auto-complete list;

      Tab completion randomly inserting a tab instead of completing with the selected item;

      Arrows sometimes moving to the next line of code, rather than selecting the next item from the auto-complete list;

      • Maria Pleskunina says:

        We already have a fix for the problem with navigating through the list of suggestions and, I hope, for the problem with tab. The fix will be available in 2019.3.1. So far, we’re discussing when to release it.
        The good news is that there is a temporary workaround – you can try disabling the following option “Merge Visual Studio light bulb actions into ReSharper action indicator” in “ReSharper | Options | Environment | Editor | Visual Studio Features”.
        By the way, is the problem with arrows the same as “Wrong or no items selected in the auto-complete list”?
        Thank you!

        • Richard says:

          Disabling that option does seem to improve the behaviour. I’ll continue to use it this afternoon to see if keeps behaving.

          The “wrong or no items” issue is an odd one. For example, I have a method in my base class:

          Foo M()

          In 2019.2, if I typed:

          Foo x =

          “M” would be the first item in the autocomplete list.

          With 2019.3, “M” seems to be much further down the list, and appears after methods which return completely different types that aren’t assignable to Foo.

          • Maria Pleskunina says:

            Hmm, it’s interesting. Does the problem happen for a newly created solution? If not, it’s worth trying to clear caches via “ReSharper | Options | Environment | General | Clear caches” and check the problem once again.

  3. Nisse says:

    Where is the “enforce trailing comma” option?

  4. Stanislav Perekrestov says:

    It seems Resharper 2019.3 sucks the whole life from my macbook.
    Code cleanup doesn’t work.
    CPU usage is 100% every time.

  5. Fabian says:

    As a performance suggestion, is it possible to suggest to use ‘Exclude From Project’ for the node_modules directory? In our big project this directory was freezing Visual Studio.

  6. Filip says:

    Name Hints (inlay hints?) and especially it’s tooltip is unusable on environments with light UI and dark editor. It’s tooltip is using corectly “ToolTip-Background” color for background, but for text it is “CommandBarTextActive”. Result is dark color on dark background.

  7. David says:

    Syntax coloring is broken in the latest release (it does work in Rider). When I revert back to 2019.2.3 things work fine. When I upgrade to 2019.3 my syntax coloring (method names) are not honored.

  8. David says:

    With the latest build 2019.3, the editor grays-out code after: Assert.IsTrue(await anAsyncTask). Is this a known issue?

  9. Liuhao says:

    R# 2019.2.3 and R# 2019.3 doesn’t work, I’m going to have to roll back to 2019.2.2. It’s OK.

    • Alexander Kurakin says:

      Hello Liuhao! Any details about what exactly does not work are much appreciated!

      • Liuhao says:

        1. R # 2019.2.3 and R # 2019.3 versions click update to upgrade directly, and the display fails
        2. After the local reinstallation, the smart prompt function cannot be used, and the auto-complete function cannot be used, such as coding any keyword will be programmed-> symbol, the method comment prompt cannot be completed
        3. After rolling back to R # 2019.2.2 everything returns to normal, currently using 2019.2.2 version

        • Liuhao says:

          Installation environment VS2019 16.4 or VS201916.4.1

        • Alexander Kurakin says:

          Thanks for the reply! Could you please try disabling
          ReSharper | Options | Environment | Editor | Visual Studio features | Merge VS light bulb action into ReSharper action indicator and check the code completion issue once again?

          • Liuhao says:

            I finally found that the function of R # 2019.3 is not unavailable, but it is slow to load. When the solution is opened, R # appears to be unusable. Without closing the solution, R # becomes available after a period of time; the same Under the configuration of R #, R # 2019.2.2 can be used soon under the same solution, so it feels that the 2019.3 version has lower initial loading performance than the 2019.2.2 version, and I hope to improve it in the R # 2019.3.1 version.

  10. Martin says:

    “Type Name Hints are available for all var occurrences, lambda parameters, and more” i like this feature. Good job.

    I don’t have any issues with ReSharper

  11. Michael Hartmann says:

    Error while trying to update JetBrains.ReSharper.SDK nuget package from 2019.2.3 to 2019.3:
    Abhängigkeiten können nicht aufgelöst werden. “JetBrains.Profiler.SelfApi 1.0.0′ ist nicht mit ‘JetBrains.Platform.Core.Shell 193.0.20191207.64617 Einschränkung: JetBrains.Profiler.SelfApi (= 1.0.0-preview4)’ kompatibel.

    • Maria Pleskunina says:

      Hello Michael, the fix will be available in 2019.3.1. Sorry for the inconvenience!

      • Michael Hartmann says:

        Still not working with 2019.3.1 :(
        When trying to update JetBrains.ReSharper.SDK from 2019.2.3 to 2019.3.1 the error message now is:
        Die Version von “JetBrains.NuGet.Core”, die mit ‘JetBrains.NuGet.Ultimate Einschränkung: JetBrains.NuGet.Core (=’ kompatibel ist, wurde nicht gefunden.

  12. Roland says:

    Performance of 2019.3 sucks. Same project, same machine as 2019.2.3 and its is WAAAAY slower. I am seeing “Resharper is thinking” all the time.
    Tried profiling to submit issue, but it crashed and cannot be profiled :S

  13. Anargyros Tomaras says:

    100% CPU………

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