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Introducing T4 Text Template Support in Rider 2019.3

Brace yourself! Another highly requested feature request was finally resolved – Support for T4 Text Templates. For those folks who don’t know what it is: T4 stands for Text Template Transformation Toolkit – a mixture of code blocks and text … Continue reading

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ReSharper Ultimate 2019.3 Release Is Out!

Hello everyone, We’ve reached the last release milestone for this year – please give a warm welcome to ReSharper Ultimate 2019.3! First, let’s take a brief look at the most important changes:

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ReSharper Ultimate 2019.3 Starts Early Access Program!

Hello everyone, October seems like a good time to launch the Early Access Program for our third release of the year, so please welcome ReSharper Ultimate 2019.3 EAP. In the list below, I highlight several new features and improvements of … Continue reading

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ReSharper Ultimate 2019.2.1 hot-fix is here!

We’ve just published a hotfix for ReSharper Ultimate 2019.2. ReSharper 2019.2.1 contains several hot-fixes with the two most important ones being:

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Cloud Shell Web Preview, debug individual Azure Functions, explore ARM – Azure Toolkit for Rider 2019.2 updates

With Rider 2019.2 released, we’re also releasing an update to the Azure Toolkit for Rider release. Next to a number of bug fixes, we’ve implemented support for Cloud Shell Web Preview to access HTTP services running in the Cloud Shell container. We have … Continue reading

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Live templates and file templates in Rider 2018.2

Using live templates and file templates can improve coding efficiency a lot while dealing with repetitive content, boilerplate code and language ceremony. For everyone who hasn’t heard of them: In previous versions, we could already invoke existing templates. However, seventy … Continue reading

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Generating a GUID in Rider, colored parameter info, custom runtime arguments in Rider 2018.2 EAP

Sometimes, the little things matter. Our latest Rider 2018.2 EAP (Early Access Preview) build comes with several of those: there’s a Generate GUID tool, which generates a globally unique identifier we can use in our code. For C# and VB.NET, we now display colored parameter … Continue reading

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Entity Framework support in Rider 2018.1

A fresh build of Rider 2018.1 EAP just landed, adding Entity Framework support! Rider adds functionality to enable migrations, add a migration, get migrations, update the database and more! On Windows, Linux and macOS! Let’s check this out, shall we? Initializing Entity … Continue reading

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Maintaining consistent code style with formatting inspections in ReSharper 2018.1

ReSharper (and Rider) have always provided a wide range of code inspections to notify us about redundancies in code, potential code quality issues or common practices. In the next 4 blog posts, we will dive into a bunch of new … Continue reading

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XAML preview tool window for WPF in Rider

A fresh new build of Rider 2018.1 EAP just landed with many new additions. There was already a WPF Application project template, and we have now added a XAML preview tool window for WPF (on Windows)! When working in a WPF window or … Continue reading

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