.NET Annotated Monthly | January 2020

And here we are, turning over a new year. Happy new year, everyone!

Apple has made a lot of news in January over the years. The company itself incorporated in January 1977. Later, Apple introduced the Lisa computer in 1983 for a whopping 10,000 US dollars! In 1984 the Mac was announced and released.

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.NET news

.NET tutorials and tips

VB.NET: Windows Forms Custom delegates and events Karen Payne wrote an entire set of Wiki articles around VB.NET and Winforms! Go check it out!

Blazor Server in .NET Core 3.0 scenarios and performance – Dan Roth, a .NET PM at Microsoft, has written an in in-depth post about Blazor performance.

ASP .NET Core code sharing between Blazor, MVC and Razor Pages – Shahed C shares details about sharing code between Blazor and Razor. Remember kids, sharing is caring.

Optimising our Blazor search app – Learn how to optimize search in Blazor by Aaron Powell.

GraphQL API Integration In Asp.Net Core Application – A nice post by Naveen Bommidi, demonstrating GraphQL in ASP.NET Core.

MongoDB CRUD with Asp.Net Core Razor Pages – Simple Tutorial Zoltan Halasz shows off some MongoDB and ASP.NET Core.

Use ASP.NET Core Razor Pages as API Endpoints – More ASP.NET Core + API goodness, this time from Christopher Laine.

6 Simple but Powerful Habits for Effective Developers – Heather Downing provides some excellent advice about building good habits.

Creating a simple wizard component in Blazor – Check out this excellent tutorial by Jeremy Sinclair, showing how to build a wizard component in Blazor.

Events, community and culture

Making Remote Work at Stack Overflow – Interview Ilana Yitzhaki, Senior Manager, Employee Experience – How do they do it at StackOverflow? Let Ilana Yitzhaki explain.

Collection: Remote Work – Here’s a collection of tips, tricks, and general information about remote working by Jonathan Danylko.

Rachel and Maarten will be at the SWETUGG conference in Stockholm, Sweden (Feb 2-4). Catch us there!

Random interesting and cool stuff

The Definitive Guide to Building Apps for Kids – Many developers build apps for kids. But there are few resources to really help them get into a kid’s mindset. Tanya Junell shows us how.

Common Mistakes That Engineers Make During The Designer-Developer Hand-Off – Ben Nadel discusses the art of the designer-developer handoff, and how to avoid some common mistakes during that process.

This is such a fun tweet about CSS by Kyle Shook.
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And finally…

Here’s a chance to catch up on JetBrains news that you might have missed. But first…

Meet the .NET Developer Advocates at JetBrains!

Developer Advocates are here to help you achieve your goals and be successful with our software. We talk to developers and work with the product development teams to take your feedback to the product team, and build better products. You’ll find the developer advocates speaking at conferences around the world, writing blog posts, publishing videos, mentoring, generally being present online and off, and ready to talk tech with you. If you have comments or questions, give us a shout! It doesn’t matter where you (or we) live, we .NET DAs cover the globe.

Rachel Appel
Maarten Balliauw
Matt Ellis
Matthias Koch

Our blog posts:

Localization Becomes easier with the Localization Manager in ReSharper 2019.3 – This is how you do localization the easy way, by Maarten.

Cloud Debugging of ECS in Rider – Matt takes debugging into the cloud. This is part of a nice series on cloud development with AWS and Rider.

Introducing T4 Text Template Support in Rider 2019.3 – Matthias goes in depth to show us what we can do with the power of Rider + T4 Templates.

File bug and feature reports effectively and easily – Whether or not you use our products, filing bug reports that are clear to the developers makes fixing them more effective and results in a better product. Let me show you how to help product teams everywhere give you the best experience possible.

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