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.NET Annotated Monthly | June 2020

This month in computing history: In 1977, Apple shipped the Apple II. In 1995 Spyglass went public! Ahhh, the good old days. If you’ve been around for far too many decades in this field (like me), raise your hand if you remember Spyglass Mosaic! It’s not a thing anymore but it Mosaic was a key player in the evolution of browsers on the world wide web.

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.NET news

May is the month when Microsoft’s Build conference happens, and that means lots of .NET releases and news. This year the conference was held as an online event, so check out the on-demand sessions.

.NET tutorials and tips

WinDbg — the Fun Way Part 1 and WinDbg — the Fun Way Part 2 – Catch these excellent posts by Yarden Shafir, actually making WinDbg fun!

C# 9 Non-Destructive Mutation – Steve Fenton shows us how to use functional programming techniques in OO C# code to ensure proper changes in the state of objects.

Effectively stubbing remote HTTP service dependencies with HttpClient Interception – Joseph Woodward demonstrates some nice software engineering techniques that emerged from Google.

Developing Stack Overflow on MacOS – Dean Ward reviews the things needed for MacOS devving. While he specifically discussed some of his work at StackOverflow, the info is rather useful everywhere.

Enhance ASP.NET Projects With JetBrains Annotations
Find The Next Number In A Sequence With C#
Chain Actions, Funcs, and Predicates In .NET – A few excellent posts by our own Khalid Abuhakmeh on C# and ASP.NET. Khalid is a regular blogger of all things .NET, so check out his entire blog!

Using MongoDB with ASP.NET Core Web API – Munib Butt demonstrates how to do classic API development with a MongoDB back-end.

Writing Applications, Not Web Sites, in Microsoft Blazor – Oh yes, there’s a difference. Scott Kuhl lays it all out in his post.

ASP.NET Core WebSockets and Application Lifetime Shutdown Events – Rick Strahl writes about his experience working with WebSockets and events.

ASP.NET Core in .NET 5 – sending a request – Web devs, you have to deal with HTTP Requests every day. Let Michał Białecki help make it a bit easier.

Using settings.json and local.settings.json in your Xamarin apps! – Desktop devs, Redth shows us an easy way to incorporate settings into Xamarin apps.

Dynamic command dispatching in C# – A great post by Nicklas Millard on how to really implement the Open/Closed principle from SOLID.

How to Connect Azure Bot Service to Xamarin.Forms Chat Control – Check out this nice tutorial by Vimal Prabhu that enables connectivity between Xamarin.Forms and Azure.

Multiple Environments in ASP.NET Core – Code Maze makes the necessary evils nice. That is, configuring and working with development, staging, production, and other environments.

.NET async/await in a single picture – This is a nice excerpt by Konrad Kokosa on how async/await and threading works in .NET.

Blazor vs. React / Angular / Vue.js – Wondering which to use? Let Christian Findlay help you out.

Blazor CRUD with EF Core
– A detailed tutorial on how to use Blazor with EF when interacting with a database.

Remote debugging Windows containers with Rider – Joost Meijles demonstrates this valuable and necessary technique of debugging Windows containers with Rider.

Random, interesting, and cool stuff

Breaking news: The programmer accused of writing bad code declined to comment.

Do you want to impress your online friends with all those Github contributions that you don’t make? Well here you go! Check out this super fun Github activity generator written in Python by Sasha Shpota.

Stack Overflow 2020 Developer Survey – SO did its thing again this year. Check out the results, get the scoop on what developers are up to nowadays. What do you think?

Check out this handy utility: StackOnlyJsonParser by Tomasz Rewak.

Tips and Tools for Improving your Remote Meetings and Presentations on a Budget – Aaron Parecki finds ways to improve everything from audio to video and all those technical things in between.

For those .NET folks who occasionally stray to the dark side: Java turned 25 in May. So go ahead and check out 25 Things We Love About Java.

Code less, engineer more – Liz Fong-Jones discusses why value is far more important than volume. Unfortunately, so many get it wrong. Well, Liz got it right. Read her post to learn more.

Business Continuity with Sonia Cuff – Richard Campbell interviews Sonia Cuff on business continuity.

Introducing Hack Club’s Summer of Making – This is fun, fun, fun! Elise Hollowed has the details in this post. Register to mentor the next generation of geeks!

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