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.NET Annotated Monthly | August 2020

Summer is here, but at present in 2020 many people can’t go anywhere, so a "staycation" will have to do. No problem though, just sit back, relax, and browse the content from our .NET Annotated newsletter.

There have been some key historical events that have happened in August. In 1995, Microsoft shipped Windows 95! Windows 95 was the "moment you’ve all been waiting for". I remember uncovering that Windows 95 Easter Egg with great delight! In 1981, IBM introduced its personal computer, IBM model 5150. When Windows 95 shipped, many folks were using IBM personal computers to run it.

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A Month Without Rider – Part 1 and Part 2 – Dennis Doomen lays out the pros and cons of Rider vs Visual Studio, giving Rider some serious street cred.

Unit Testing is Overrated – Alexey Golub writes some interesting and in-depth thoughts on popular techniques around testing, and why they may or may not work. There’s some great stuff in here, be sure to check it out.

httpUsing gRPC in Aurelia 2 – Combining Aurelia and gRPC in .NET makes for a great combo to consider for that next app. Andreas Wänqvist shows you how they play together nicely.

C# 9 Deep Dive: Init-only features – Here is an excellent deep dive series from Dave Brock, and this post covers C# Init-only features. Be sure to follow links to his other posts.

Nano services with ASP.NET Core or how to build a light API – No need to build a fancy microservice architecture when you just need something small. This post by Anthony Giretti shows you how to build a light API with nanoservices.

How to Set Code Coverage Goals and Interpret Results – Dennis Dietrich teaches the art of setting code coverage goals properly and effectively. (hint: 100% isn’t always the number you want, folks!)

Having Fun With Linq Expression Visitors – Our own Khalid Abuhakmeh dazzles and amazes us with Linq Expression Visitors.

Sort Data With ASP.NET Core And Query Strings – Again, Khalid shows us those super important tasks that every ASP.NET developer must know, and without a doubt will do for nearly every app, and that’s sorting data with query strings!

Calling Generic Methods from Non-Generic Code in .Net – This is a good post from Jeremy Miller, demonstrating some key principles that is needed when programming in .NET.

Moving .NET to Linux at Scale – Microsoft loves Linux, so now we can run .NET on it. If you ever wondered what it takes to move .NET to Linux at scale, Maxime Brugidou has your answer.

Migrating Arbitrage to Apache Mesos – Arbitrage is a large scale app at Criteo, an advertising platform company. This post by Grégoire Seux demonstrates how they made some pretty big changes with their .NET systems, by moving to Apache Mesos. This is a follow-up to Maxime’s "Moving .NET to Linux at Scale".

Random interesting and cool stuff

CSS Library by Sara Fossheim
Sarah L. Fossheim is serious about CSS! Check out these fantastic examples showing how to craft a replica of an early Macintosh, a Polaroid Camera, a Gameboy, and much more. What a great way to hone your CSS skills.

This is just crazy talk, Kyle! Who does that?

And finally…

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