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The ReSharper 2020.2.2 and Rider 2020.2.2 Bug-fix Updates Are Here!

New bug-fix updates are available for both ReSharper and Rider. Here’s an overview of the most important changes that have been made.

ReSharper 2020.2.2

  • Fixed a couple of false positives in nullable analysis.
  • Fixed the default implementation of an interface from a referenced package. It is now recognized correctly (RSRP-480835).
  • Fixed the ‘Current directory’ for unit tests. It is now set to the test project’s ‘bin’ directory.
  • Other unit testing issues that have been fixed are described below in the Rider section.

    The rest of the issues and details are available in ReSharper’s bug tracker.

Rider 2020.2.2

  • Fixed cases of slowdown in building the project due to NuGet package restore (RIDER-49125).
  • Fixed an unmanaged memory leak that led to the growth of the committed memory of dotnet.exe (RIDER-49370).
  • Fixed the missing NUnit tests (RIDER-49695).
  • Fixed the debugger so that it can now be attached to remote processes (RIDER-49838).
  • Fixed the compound build/debug configuration with ‘.NET Launch Settings Profile (ASP.NET Core)’ (RIDER-49285).
  • Fixed the growing memory and freezes when working with Unreal Engine (RIDER-45872).
  • Fixed the ‘Del’ button. It now works as Delete and not as Backspace (RIDER-46520).
  • Updated a message to terminate the hanging test runner process: you now have an option to always terminate the behavior the first time you’re notified (RIDER-49584).
  • A list of Unity fixes is available on GitHub.

    The whole list of fixes is available in Rider’s bug tracker.

You’ll find ReSharper 2020.2.2 and Rider 2020.2.2 on our website, or you can update using the Toolbox.

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