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Xamarin, MAUI and the reactive MVVM between them – Webinar Recording

The recording of our webinar, Xamarin, MAUI and the reactive MVVM between them, with Rodney Littles, II, is now available. Subscribe to our community newsletter to receive notifications about future webinars.

Xamarin Forms is the .NET cross platform technology that allows you to write an application in C# and target various operating systems, primarily mobile. The recommended architectural approach for .NET applications adhering to SOLID principles is Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM). ReactiveUI is a MVVM framework based on Reactive Extensions, which are a cross language approach to functional programming. During this talk we will take a trip through Xamarin, MVVM, ReactiveUI and show the future state of Xamarin, MAUI.

Webinar agenda:

  • 0:00 – Webinar start
  • 1:27 – Introduction
  • 4:34 – The Cross Platform problem
  • 10:15 – Xamarin
  • 17:56 – XAML
  • 25:06 – C# UI
  • 29:27 – Access to Native APIs
  • 34:07 – SkiaSharp
  • 36:48 – Data Binding
  • 39:32 – How do I build an app?
  • 42:13 – Model View ViewModel – MVVM
  • 45:19 – Mutable State
  • 49:14 – Reactive Extensions
  • 1:06:04 – Model View Upate – MVU
  • 1:07:45 – Introducing MAUI (.NET Multi-Platform App UI)
  • 1:10:19 – Q&A
  • 1:18:08 – Wrap up


Download Rider and give it a try!

About the presenter:

Rodney Littles, II
Rodney Littles, II is a Senior Software Engineer at Megsoft Consulting Inc. He has been working on .NET technologies since 2004, and is currently working with Xamarin mobile and Azure cloud infrastructure. Rodney is a Microsoft MVP and ReactiveUI maintainer who has been a functional advocate for the last few years. He recently started streaming Rx concepts on Twitch. Outside of the daily he is a Kung Fu instructor spreading the arts, and breaking his brain trying to become a full fledged Rx Wizard!

Follow Rodney on Twitter.

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