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.NET Annotated Monthly | February 2021

Happy February! Do you know this computing trivia fact? Why is the C language is named C? Because it comes after B. It almost seems too simple. But we’re not kidding!

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Ask questions How to become a better developer by asking questionsAsking questions in a way that will bring about helpful answers is a skill. Whether that question is at popular sites like StackOverflow or when asking a teammate in person, there are some steps you can take to form an effective question to get your answers! Steve Gordon gives us all the details about asking the right questions in this excellent blog post.


How we quickly refactored with Resharper more than 23.000 calls to Debug.Assert() into more meaningful assertions – Patrick Smacchia’s team created the NDepend static analysis tool. Recently, they used ReSharper to refactor a massive amount of assertions! Refactoring is where ReSharper shines. It can help improve the quality of any code base, including those that are mature and large, like NDepend.

This month's featured book is Pro .NET Memory Management by Konrad Kokosa
With the help of Konrad’s book you too can understand .NET memory management internal workings and pitfalls. You can learn many techniques to address performance and scalability problems in code. Learn to write better code by knowing what’s going on under the hood. Pro .NET Memory Management is the "go to" guide to understanding and working with memory management in .NET.

Tutorials and articles

.NET tutorials

Enjoy these articles published in the past month that focus on all different types of .NET development. C#, ASP.NET, Xamarin, WinForms, Blazor and more, we got you covered!

Related programming tutorials

.NET developers almost always have to know other languages and technologies, so here are articles on technologies that .NET devs are likely to use.

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Awesome tip, thank you Maarten!

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Articles, tweets, and other items of interest that we’ve found.

Yes, the bugs are free! :smiley:

True story! Testers make you cry! :joy:

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Here’s a chance to catch up on JetBrains news that you might have missed:

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