.NET Tools Releases

Rider 2020.3.4 and ReSharper 2020.3.4 Released

Hello everyone,

The new bug-fix update for Rider and ReSharper is now available!

This release of Rider is about addressing security threats, namely the recent attempts to attack security researchers by sending them Visual Studio projects containing malicious code. When opening such a project, Rider will ask MSBuild to evaluate it and build an object model that Rider uses to understand the structure and dependencies of the project. Evaluating the project file may involve executing build steps, and this can result in the execution of arbitrary code. We’ve introduced the trusted projects feature to mitigate these risks. You can learn more in IntelliJ IDEA’s blog post.

As for ReSharper 2020.3.4, nothing has changed. It is a technical update in line with our current release/deployment procedure that ensures identical versioning between ReSharper and Rider in future updates. We apologize for the extra noise.

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