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Did you know? There are over 220 billion (yes, billion!) lines of COBOL still in use today! It sounds crazy, but it’s true. A substantial part of the US government on both the federal and state level use COBOL as well as finance and private industry have COBOL systems. Many .NET developers hope that .NET will someday have this legacy, but this happened in part because of the extreme expense of mainframes. Systems often costed tens of millions of dollars (decades ago) just for hardware. Companies and governments alike aren’t keen on rewriting systems that are old but work when they’ve invested that kind of money.

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.NET Days 2021We’ve completed another successful JetBrains .NET Days! The recordings are now available. These are some of the best technical presentations that you’ll see in all of .NET – here’s a sampling: Legacy Refactoring, by Lorraine Steyn | Null & Void – Everything About Nothing in .NET, by Stefan Pölz | Embracing gRPC in .NET, by Irina Scurtu | C# Source Generators in Action, by Andrey Dyatlov (JetBrains) | and many more. We recommend that you spend a day supercharging your skills by watching and learning from the best of the best in .NET.

AccessibilityWhile May 20th was Global Accessibility Awareness Day, it’s best to develop with accessibility in mind every day. When developers write software that takes accessibility into account from the start, that software is of higher quality not just for those with accessible needs but also for those without. Are you getting into .NET MAUI? Then The Journey to Accessible Apps: Screen Readers by Rachel Kang is a “must read”. For those looking to incorporate accessibility into any type of apps, check out Tools & Tips for Building Apps with an Accessibility-First Mindset by Sara Faatz and Accessibility for All — Three Things You Can Do for Global Accessibility Awareness Day by TPGi. After that, head over and watch these videos on Channel 9: NET Accessibility and Improving Accessibility with Xamarin Community Toolkit (more by Rachel Kang). But don’t stop there, check out these great resources from WCAG and WebAIM!

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This is absolutely true! You are human, building software for other humans. If you don’t focus on any human skills (often called core skills, soft skills, people skills, etc…) and only tech, you’re doing every human who uses your software a disservice. Don’t stay stuck as junior in your career regardless of that “Senior” or “Principal” title. And check out the next section for some great human skills articles.

This humorous tweet outlines the importance of documentation. Docs have always been the one part of software development that is often overlooked, yet when asked, the overwhelming majority of developers and users alike want clear and up-to-date docs.

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Sonia raises an and interesting question. Dear friends in the UK, is this how it works? No, wait, don’t tell me. I’m going to believe this is how it works regardless.

The replies to this tweet were wonderfully fun to read through. Programmers from around the world shared programming terms that sound odd, if not outright ridiculous, outside of programming. Yet here we are, wondering why non-programmers look at us funny when we use words like “monad”, “polymorphism”, “contravariance” and “enumerate”.

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