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.NET Annotated Monthly | July 2021

Did you know? Microsoft created a C based language named C# in 1988? 1988!? You heard that right! It’s true! This language, of course, was not the C# that we all know and love today. Meanwhile, Rico Mariani says in that same article that the code name for VB version 1 was named “Thunder”. Befitting.

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Hey, F#-ers! This month’s featured content is for you! On July 29th, join the Focus on F# conference for 2 days of live-streamed content. Coming up in September, be sure to catch F# Europe (also online). Later, in October F# eXchange 2021 happens online. If you can’t attend these conferences, here are the next best things:

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This advice should work for many people. For those who don’t want to completely rewrite existing projects, building the same kind of software as the original project may work.

Since this month features F#, perhaps, dear readers, you should try it out too. A quick twitter search revealed several tweets similar to this where folks said that they really enjoy F# and find it useful, fun, and easy.

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Has this happened to you? Perhaps not with a desk but other items? I think more of us can relate to this than want to admit.

This is exactly how it feels, Richard.

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Here’s a chance to catch up on JetBrains news that you might have missed:

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