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Get a Reward for Sharing Your dotTrace or dotMemory Experience

We are conducting a study on how our profilers are used and how they help resolve performance or memory issues. We invite all dotTrace and dotMemory users to take part. Keep reading for more details!


What should I do?

The whole process consists of just a few steps:

  1. Fill out and submit a short qualification questionnaire. It should not take much time.
  2. If you meet our requirements, we will send you a set of questions and schedule an online meeting.
  3. Take part in a 60-minute interview.
  4. We will prepare materials and come back to you for final approval before publishing. When everything is ready, we will publish the interview results.
  5. Get your reward!

What’s the reward?

Those who qualify and complete the interview will get the following guaranteed reward: a $200 Amazon certificate and a 1-year subscription to the JetBrains All Products Pack.
Those who do not meet our requirements are also eligible for the rewards. We will raffle off several certificates and licenses among all our qualification questionnaire participants.

Why should I participate in the study?

Because all feedback about our products is important to us. We believe that every story may help inspire other developers and companies to create, develop, and achieve their ambitious goals. At the same time, it is a great opportunity to help us make the products you use even better and address any particular needs you may have.

How do you plan to use the results?

We plan to publish the interview results in the form of customer stories on the JetBrains .NET blog and on our customer success stories page. We may also use some interview fragments and quotes from qualification questionnaires as testimonials on the dotTrace and dotMemory product pages.

Fill out this 5-minute questionnaire to let us know more about your profiling experience.


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