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.NET Annotated Monthly | November 2021

Did you know? There is a difference between a parameter and an argument. Many programmers use them interchangeably, but they have distinct definitions in formal computer science. In short, a parameter is what is in the definition of the function, while the argument is the data that is passed into the function at runtime.

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October has been busy at Microsoft. Here’s the latest news. 📰

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🧰 My Bespoke JetBrains Toolbox Configuration (compositecode.blog) – This is a great review by Adron Hall detailing what the JetBrains Toolbox app can do for you, as well as some helpful configuration settings.

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  • “Spot Me Up” | The Rolling Stones & Boston Dynamics – YouTube – This is pure fun. It’s especially fun for those who are fans of that famous British band, the Rolling Stones. Boston Dynamics had its robots imitate the band playing their hit “Start Me Up”.
  • Why flow matters more than passion – This is a good piece by Sarah Drasner that discusses how companies look for employees full of “passion”, which only excludes a lot of people. It’s a highly subjective measurement as well. Instead, we can hire the right people and teach them to get in a state of total immersion of any task and be as productive and often more than those with passion (who tend to have flow when working on their passion).
  • 4 Ways To Manage Your Energy And Have A Balanced, Productive Workday – We could all use this post, especially with a pandemic still underway. Post by Sam Milbrath.
  • RunAsRadio | The Rise of Ransomware – Ransomware is quickly becoming a concerning problem. So catch this podcast featuring Ann Johnson as she lets us know what is happening in the land of ransomware.

CSS is like that…

A fun tweet summing up the life of a software tester…

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