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Testing with Rider for Unreal Engine

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Rider for Unreal Engine Preview is widely used by many game developers around the world. We have more than 32,000 people registered in the program and we’ve gotten very positive feedback from them. According to our survey of early previewers:

  • 28.3% use it for all their work and personal projects
  • 15.4% use it for all their work projects
  • 44.3% use it for all their personal projects

81.7% of the respondents think that Rider for UE is much better than any other editor they have used before! We’re encouraged by the results and are happy to keep improving the product.

The majority of the users are impressed by the helpful integrations provided by Rider for Unreal Engine, like code completion and documentation for the Unreal Engine reflection specifiers and macros, integration with the Unreal Editor, Unreal Engine log, code visions showing Blueprints usages, and many others. Today we’re adding another piece to this game development puzzle – Unreal Engine Automation Testing framework support.

Rider for UE Preview

Unreal Engine tests running in Rider

To add tests to your game, there is an Unreal Engine testing framework built in (check out this 3rd party tutorial). Rider can now launch tests and show their results in the Unit Test tool window:
UE tests running
In this tool window you can review the results of the tests, reruns failed, and all or specific tests.

In the Unit Tests window, you can explore all the existing categories in the current solution. The categories are defined by the flags passed to the tests. Use Group By switcher to change the grouping in the tool window:
Unit tests results grouping

You can also run tests directly from the Unit Test tool window. Or from the Rider editor.You’ll see run icons in the left gutter near the test – click them to run the tests. These icons also show the status of the recently run tests:
Run icon

Tests with EAutomationTestFlags::Disabled flag will stay disabled in Rider, and will be marked with the corresponding Ignored symbol. Inconclusive tests are aborted tests, or other tests which were started but Rider could not read the test runner output.
UE test types

Configuration and known issues

Engine tests work without any additional configuration. To get Unreal Engine plugin tests running in Rider, you need to:

  1. Index plugins by enabling Index plugins setting in Languages & Frameworks | C++ | Unreal Engine.
  2. Reference the plugin that includes the tests in the .uproject file.

Later, we plan to improve the UX and show a warning in this case (RIDER-68729).

There are a few known issues that are worth mentioning here:

  • Tests only work in Rider on Windows – tests on macOS are not yet supported (RIDER-68429).
  • Since StressFilter is ignored by Unreal Engine, Rider doesn’t support stress tests.
  • Tests with the ““ symbol are not supported in Rider. This will also be resolved on the Unreal Engine side.
  • Tests that don’t comply with current solution configuration will fail (RIDER-68730). For example, tests with “ClientContext” will fail to run when the “DebugGame Editor” configuration is selected.


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