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ReSharper 2021.3 Goes Beta!

Hello everyone! 

Today, we are happy to publish the Beta build for ReSharper and JetBrains .NET tools

Let’s take a look at what’s included in the final feature set of our tools.


  • Support for Visual Studio 2022.
  • More C# 10 features: file-scoped namespaces, global usings, the CallerArgumentExpression attribute, the “interpolated string handlers” concept, and C# 10 lambdas. You can learn more about them in our series about the new C# 10 features
  • Support for nullable reference types: a quick-fix to get rid of NRT syntax from pasted code (if you aren’t using NRT in the project), and new quick-fixes for mismatches between type arguments and their nullability constraints.
  • General code analysis improvements: new quick-fixes for static local and anonymous functions with closures, improved support for regular structs, and quick-fixes that convert classes to records and then transform them into primary constructors. Additionally, scope quick-fixes and context actions are now executed in parallel and use the results of solution-wide analysis.
  • New gutter marks to navigate through the inheritance structure.
  • Find Usages for user-defined implicit conversion operators.
  • The ability to navigate to interface implementations in debug mode.
  • The LanguageInjection annotation attribute.
  • Copy Code Reference: new name, new GitHub options, new UI. Learn more in this blog post.
  • Several new formatting options.
  • Support for AnalyzerConfig files.

ReSharper C++ 

  • More C++20 features: auto-completion of designated initializers for aggregate initialization, and modernizing inspections to help you adopt new library functions.
  • Unreal Engine file templates for creating new classes without switching to Unreal Editor.


  • Initial support for record types and record struct types.
  • Support for asynchronous dispose (await using).
  • Improved support for reading and decompiling single-file apps.


  • Support for Apple silicon processors in the dotTrace Command Line Tool.
  • The ability to save the UI state for Timeline snapshots.
  • Performance improvements related to the Timeline profiling mode. 
  • Support for TPL events on macOS and Linux.
  • Improved support for child processes on macOS and Linux


  • Support for Apple silicon processors in the dotMemory Command Line Tool.
  • The ability to get sampled data about memory allocation based on ETW events.
  • Subsystems view for analyzing memory allocation data.
  • Performance improvements in the algorithm behind the dominators tree (the object retention graph).


  • Support for Apple silicon processors in the dotCover Command Line Tool.
  • Code Vision metric for code coverage in Rider.
  • Merge and report commands in the dotCover .NET global tool.
  • Faster coverage analysis in the dotCover Command Line Tool.

You can download the build right now from the ReSharper 2021.3 EAP page or install it via the JetBrains Toolbox App and share your feedback with us.

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