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Rider 2021.3 Goes Beta

We’re quickly approaching the last major release of the year, and the Beta version of Rider 2021.3 is now available. You can download it from our website, get it from our free Toolbox App, or use this snap package (for Ubuntu). This build is free to use and no license is required.

Rider 2021.3 Beta

The Beta build ships with all of the changes introduced in our Early Access Program builds. Some of them were already covered in previous blog posts, so feel free to check out the details by following the links. Here are the key updates in Rider 2021.3 Beta:

  • Support for the .NET 6 SDK, including Hot Reload (learn more).
  • Redesigned main toolbar with a new Run/Debug widget (learn more).
  • Debugger updates: new UI for the Debug tab, UWP debugging, and debugging in Windows Docker containers (learn more).
  • New Problems View tool window (learn more).
  • More C# 10 features: support for file-scoped namespaces, global usings, the CallerArgumentExpression attribute, the “interpolated string handlers” concept, and C# 10 lambdas. You can learn more about them in our series about the new C# 10 features
  • Improved support for SQL language injections.
  • New Bookmarks tool window.
  • Support for Apple silicon chips.
  • .NET 6 support in the XAML Previewer.
  • Xamarin: improved Android editor layout, support for standard Xcode schemes, and improved code completion in the Plist editor.
  • Binding Redirects for NuGet packages in .NET Framework projects.
  • Unity support: updates to Rider’s support for Assembly Definition Files.
  • Support for F# 6, and improvements to the Introduce Variable refactoring.
  • Reformat and Cleanup on Save.

A list of all of the new features can be found in the EAP notes. As we are still tuning the final build for the upcoming release, please report any bugs that you encounter to our issue tracker. Thank you for testing the recent updates and helping us polish JetBrains Rider 2021.3!

Let us know if you have any feedback in the comments.

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