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.NET Annotated Monthly | March 2022

Did you know? The original name for C# was COOL, short for “C like Object Oriented Language”.  However, due to some legal reasons and a lot of conflicts with cool, the naming team went with C#.

.NET news

We’d like to thank Joseph Guadagno for curating this month’s featured content, as well as the introductory trivia! Joe is a Director in Engineering at Rocket Mortgage, Microsoft MVP, active Blogger, and rambler on Twitter.

This month, Joe discusses everything about the C# language, particularly the latest and greatest features. Read on…

Static Abstract Members in C# 10 Interfaces – Khalid shows us how static abstract members allow each implementing member of an interface to implement their version of a static accessor.

Object not set to an instance of an object is an exception that many .NET developers had to deal with in the past. This is due to us not handling null values. Microsoft realizes this pain and has done work to improve this in C# 10. Before we move into the changes, Christian does a great of explaining how nullable, and the handling of it, has changed from the introduction of it in C# 8 through C# 10 in C# Nullable Features thru the Times. Don’t worry, Christian does not get into the (chitty chitty) !! operator yet. For more on the (chitty chitty) !! operator, check out Ian’s post of a C# 11 preview feature Parameter Null Checking

Anthony looks at some unnoticed new additions to C# 10, Parameterless Constructors and Instance Field Initializers.

Working with strings is a big part of most software development. Let’s look at some of the changes made to String Interpolation and Constants. While working on string, sometimes we want to log method arguments names and values.  C# 10 introduced the CallerArgumentExpression attribute which allows you to capture argument names and their values.

While not totally about C# 10, Charles Chen, Dispels 6 Myths about .NET

To see more improvements made to C# 10, check out the C# 10 Features by C# Corner. If this excites you, check out the Early Peek at C# 11 features by Kathleen Dollard. If you want to see how to put some of these language features together, Christian shows us how to Upgrade an ASP.NET Core Web API Project to .NET 6 using many of new language improvements.

I’ll be presenting 6 (or so) new Features of .NET 6 at the Code Camp on Monday March, 4th. It’s a free and virtual event. I’ll be covering a lot of topics in this newsletter.  Hope to see you there. I’m also speaking at some other events soon. If you want to learn more on C# 10, the latest improvements in .NET, Azure, SQL Server, and more, you can join me and other speakers are DEVintersection, live and IN-PERSON April 4-9 in Las Vegas, Nevada. You can also catch me in Austin, Texas at THAT conference.

.NET tutorials and tips

Here’s a few older posts, in which some customers have recently had questions about. Hopefully these can provide answers:

Thanks, Paul! This is a great reminder.

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And finally, the latest from JetBrains

Here’s a chance to catch up on JetBrains news that you might have missed:

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