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RiderFlow 2022.1.4 Bug-Fix Update

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The new RiderFlow update is out now! Let’s take a look at what’s new.
New to RiderFlow? RiderFlow helps manage scenes, navigate and search through them, and even refactor them. You can download it from the Asset Store, use the Unity package manager to install it, or get RiderFlow.unitypackage directly from our website.


Chinese, Japanese, and Korean languages for notes in RiderFlow

In RiderFlow 2022.1.4, we added Chinese, Japanese, and Korean language support in the note feature and code editor. As of this update, it is possible for developers who speak these languages to use them when writing in RiderFlow.

We added IME support to make it possible to type Chinese, Japanese, and Korean characters in all text fields: Hierarchy Notes, Notes Explorer, and Code Editor. The characters are displayed properly and you can scroll through them.

Other fixes

  • For our macOS users, we fixed many shortcuts that weren’t working because they used Ctrl instead of ⌘. All of these shortcuts are now updated (RF-306).
  • New prefab sections do not lose their names after switching to another GameObject anymore (RF-348).
  • Now the Replace with search window is redrawn instantly (RF-338).
  • We added item suggestions in the Replace GameObject window. Now you can see 15 suggested game objects and 15 prefab variants to choose from (RF-381).
  • RiderFlow now shows you the progress of long-running activities so it is easier to understand what is going on. (RF-377).
    Background tasks
  • Now you can check the progress of Find usages right in the window (RF-372).
  • We enabled notifications when using Find Usages/Notes/Bookmark while processing assets in the background (RF-376).
  • Cut/Paste/Duplicate actions which haven’t worked in the note editor since version 2022.1.2 are also fixed (RF-379).
  • Now you can use camera presets not only in the Scene view, but also in Prefab mode (RF-341).
  • We fixed the problem from the previous update with Open Code Editor working only once per file. There is no need anymore to restart Unity every time you need to open the code window after closing it (RF-364).
  • Preview mode in find usages is tuned for dark mode (RF-54).
  • The Create section action is disabled for a prefab root (RF-352).

Does this sound like a valuable improvement for you? Get the new version from our website or from the Asset Store and share your feedback with us.

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