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JetBrains .NET Days + GameDev Day Online 2022 – Session Recordings Available

Session recordings for .NET Days + GameDev Day Online 2022

On October 25–27, we hosted a free virtual event, .NET Days + GameDev Day Online 2022. Thank you to everyone who joined us and watched the talks prepared by the community speakers! Once a year, we invite them to cover topics they’re passionate about and this year we had something new.

In addition to two days full of .NET-related content, we also hosted a third day, completely devoted to game development with a focus on Unity and Unreal Engine.

Here are some fun facts and figures from the event:

  • We streamed both events online three days in a row, with more than 22 hours of live streaming overall.
  • 6,500+ people registered for the event, and more than 2,700 RSVP’d for all three days!
  • We interacted with the chat using polls, giveaways, and more, and we learned a lot about our participants. For example, many of them had ZX Spectrum and Atari 2600 as their first consoles.
  • For one of the GameDev Day Online talks, the speakers went beyond mere slides and prepared the entire game.

You can find all the talks as separate videos on our event’s page and in the YouTube playlists:

If you have a question for the speakers, you can reach out to them via their Twitter accounts listed on our website and in the description of each talk.

We also want to thank our community sponsors: .NET Foundation, the Kraków .NET Developers Group, ABP Framework, the Belgium Azure User Group, the Boston Unity Group, and the Brisbane .NET User Group.

What do you think about both events? Please share any thoughts you may have in the comments below. Your feedback will help us make next year’s JetBrains .NET Days and GameDev Day Online even better.

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