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ReSharper 2023.1 EAP2 Is Available!

Let’s take a quick look at the changes we’ve made in the EAP 2 build, which you can download from this page.

C# support

Extract common property pattern

If you use property pattern matching heavily, try our new inspection with a quick-fix to extract common elements from several property patterns when they come together in the code flow. The code generated by the Extract common property pattern quick-fix helps you reduce code repetition by moving common property patterns to a higher level pattern.

Extract common property pattern

Reducing the number of lookups in collections

We’ve introduced a set of inspections with corresponding quick-fixes to optimize and speed up your work with different types of collections by reducing the number of lookups in collections:

  • To remove a Contains(item), check before adding the item Add(item) into an ISet collection.
To remove a Contains(item)
  • To remove a ContainsKey(key), check before adding or overriding a value into an IDictionary collection when possible.
To remove a ContainsKey(key)
  • To use TryAdd(key, value) for an IDictionary collection when possible.
To use TryAdd(key, value)
  • To use TryGetValue(key, out value) for an IDictionary collection when possible. 
To use TryGetValue(key, out value)

Check out this page for the full list of fixes and improvements. 

ReSharper С++

We’ve significantly reworked the macro substitution preview. You can now see the macro expansion with syntax highlighting and proper code formatting in tooltips on hover!

In the Quick Documentation popup (Ctrl+Shift+F1), you can now click any entity from the substitution preview to check out its documentation.

This EAP build also brings new inspections and improves code completion for C++20 modules. To learn more about these features, read this ReSharper C++ blog post.

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