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RiderFlow 2023.1 Release Is Here

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The new RiderFlow update is out now! Let’s see what’s new in this version.

New to RiderFlow? RiderFlow helps you manage, navigate, and search through scenes – and even refactor them. You can download it from the Asset Store, use the Unity package manager to install it, or get RiderFlow.unitypackage directly from our website.


Easier access to Code Editor

Before the current release, Code Editor would not reopen correctly if it was added to your custom layout. The users can now dock and use Code Editor windows after reopening. (RF-325)

We added an Open Code Editor item to the inspector context menu. In addition, users can now toggle a checkbox in Preferences to trigger a special code asset opening behavior. When this is triggered, Code Editor will open automatically instead of the IDE. 

Users can open Code Editor the same way they usually open their IDEs. This includes double-clicking on the file in the Project view or Console. (RF-361)

The users can now dock and use Code Editor windows after reopening the editor, so you can quickly switch from the lean Code Editor to Rider or any other IDE you use for Unity. (RF-361)

Other fixes

  • We reduced the size of the backend again. It’s now about 130–170 MB depending on the OS. This is roughly one third of its previous size.
  • We improved the stability of RiderFlow in Unity. There are now fewer exceptions in Unity Editor when specific plugins are installed.
  • Newly created camera presets save the camera’s perspective in either 2D or 3D. Old presets still behave as they used to. (RF-398)
  • In this version, if you disable the GameObject while it is marked as a section, the background will turn gray along with the border. The color of the border is the same color you selected for your section. (RF-384)

Get the new version of Rider Flow from our website or from the Asset Store, check all the updates, and share your feedback with us.

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