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Blazor Essentials – New Guide Tutorial

Want to learn Blazor? Then we have good news for you! On our JetBrains .NET Guide, we’ve just published the Blazor Essentials tutorial.

Blazor lets you to create progressive web apps using C#, having significantly less reliance on JavaScript that was necessary in previous versions of ASP.NET. This model is intended to make Blazor appealing to current C# developers, since they can focus less on JavaScript and write more in C# for full-stack development.

In the Blazor Essentials tutorial, we’ll explore Blazor, a Single Page Application (SPA) web framework that is part of ASP.NET Core. After covering some the basics, we’ll gradually look at working with forms, data, JavaScript interoperability, and more.

Tip: If you prefer regular ASP.NET Core with MVC or Razor pages, and a sprinkle of JavaScript, check out the HTMX for ASP.NET Core Developers.

Which SPA framework(s) are you using? Which do you prefer? Let us know in the comments!

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