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The ReSharper and Rider 2023.1.4 Bug-fix Release Is Here!

Hello everyone,

ReSharper and Rider just got another set of bug fixes for the 2023.1 release! 

Let’s take a look at the most critical issues that have been resolved.


Here are the fixes included in this update: 

  • We fixed the issue with missing custom code style settings – they are now correctly preserved by the IDE. [IDEA-318457]
  • The Copy Reference action for files in non-Java modules works as expected and copies the path from the content root. [IDEA-316752]
  • Starting up the IDE no longer fails with the “CannotActivateException: Address already in use: bind” error. [IDEA-323836]


In view of the discontinued support of JavaScript, TypeScript and CSS, ReSharper no longer blocks Visual Studio IntelliSense from providing code completion, typing assistance, and parameter info for those  languages in Razor/Blazor and HTML files.  

Relevant issues resolved:

  1. Allow Visual Studio IntelliSense to be shown on cshtml JavaScript and CSS script blocks. [RSRP-490852
  2.  Enable ReSharper completion in C# code inside an HTML tag in Razor projects. [RSRP-493151]
  3. ReSharper makes VS IntelliSense omit closing curly braces for CSS / JS / TS blocks inside .cshtml Razor files. [RSRP-492643
  4.  ReSharper shows its own completion for Class selectors in CSS and blocks VS IntelliSense. [RSRP-492642]
  5. ReSharper blocks IntelliSense for CSS classes in Blazor projects. [RSRP-492986]
  6. Code completion suggestions are doubled in Razor files. [RSRP-493095]

You can download Rider 2023.1.4 and ReSharper 2023.1.4 from our website or update either product via the Toolbox App. Ubuntu users can also update Rider via snap.

We would appreciate your feedback on the new versions! Please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts in the comments below or on Twitter (ReSharper, Rider).

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