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Rider 2023.2 EAP 10 Is Out!

The Early Access Program for Rider 2023.2 is coming to an end with the release of the latest preview build – the EAP 10, which you can download from our website or via the Toolbox app right now. 

This iteration has largely been dedicated to making some minor, last-minute tweaks and doing under-the-hood work, but the update is still impactful. Described below are the two most important changes EAP 10 brings.

AI Assistant update

AI Assistant, which was previously included in the EAP builds, has been unbundled in Rider 2023.2 EAP 10. Starting with this build, the functionality is available as a separate plugin. This decision will help us focus on evolving the AI-powered features at a faster pace than if they had been tied to the IDE releases. 

After downloading and installing the plugin, you may be required to log in to your JetBrains account again to regain access to the JetBrains AI services. 

Live Coding and Hot Reload support

Rider now supports invoking Hot Reload or Live Coding from the IDE, allowing you to update your Unreal application while the editor is running. Once one of these features is enabled in the Unreal editor, Rider will display a Build and Reload toolbar button that will compile your changes while Unreal loads the updates.

For the full list of changes included with this build, please refer to our issue tracker.

With the major release just around the corner, we encourage you to try out the new features and share your feedback with us. You can do this by leaving your comments in the blog post’s comment section, by reaching out to us on Twitter or by submitting bug reports and feature requests to our issue tracker.

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