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ReSharper 2023.3 Roadmap

The next Early Access Program (EAP) for ReSharper version 2023.3 is right around the corner, so it’s high time to let you know what we’ll be working on in the coming months.

This roadmap is just a preliminary plan and may be adjusted depending on our priorities and resources as well as changes in the .NET space. Some features and fixes may have to be postponed to a later release date.

With that in mind, let’s dive in!

Language support and code analysis

C# 12 and beyond

For ReSharper 2023.3, we’ll be working on extending the list of supported C# 12 features, namely primary constructors, collections expressions, inline arrays, read-only ref parameters, and others.

Entity Framework code inspections

The latest version of ReSharper saw the addition of several new inspections and quick-fixes for common Entity Framework issues. With our next release, we’re taking it a step further with more EF-focused inspections. ReSharper 2023.3 should be able to detect method usages unsupported by the LINQ to Entities technology. ReSharper will also identify usages of methods that could potentially lead to runtime exceptions within the EF context due to their lack of a client-side implementation.

Another exciting addition to ReSharper 2023.3 is the introduction of entity relationship diagrams (ERDs). ERDs in ReSharper will provide a visual representation of the database model, the relationships between entities, as well as database model analysis insights. You’ll also be able to use the diagrams to navigate to files containing specific entities.

New look for inlay hints

As we announced in our previous roadmap post, we’ve set out to drastically improve the UX and UI of ReSharper. One of the changes you’re going to notice with the next release is how visually informative the new inlay hints have become. We’ve updated the look of hints that were almost too subtle to be noticed and brought them in line with the new UI.

LINQ debug tool window

ReSharper’s debugger is set to get a shiny new feature:  the LINQ debug tool window. This instrument will enable you to edit a LINQ expression and check out the result without having to restart the debugging process. You’ll also be able to compare the edited and unedited outcomes.

Web development

For ReSharper 2023.3, we’ll be focusing our efforts on improving support for Razor and Blazor. We have quite a bit of work cut out for us in the code analysis department. Most of the features we’re planning to ship with the next release will have to do with improved completion (symbol and path) as well as support for @attributes and the @using directive. To top things off, we’re also making strides to improve code formatting in Razor/Blazor solutions.

Unit testing

Remote testing is coming to ReSharper. Yes, you read that right! For ReSharper 2023.3 we’re working on making it possible to launch tests in remote environments, such as Docker containers.

We’re also working on improving the unit test creation and navigation capabilities introduced in the latest major release. In addition to ironing out the wrinkles in the existing user experience, we’re working on adding the option to generate the tests themselves using AI Assistant.

AI Assistant

Speaking of the most talked-about feature of ReSharper 2023.2: We’re continuing to perfect the way AI Assistant gathers and processes contextual information from your solution. The goal is to make your AI-powered sidekick more discerning, boosting the accuracy of its suggestions.

The user experience and the interface will also be refined with better rendering of code snippets in the input field and improved keyboard navigation. We’re also working on implementing a custom prompt library – the ability for you to create template commands relevant to your specific projects.


The feature for comparing assemblies, which we introduced in ReSharper 2023.2, is gaining two more comparison options: Hide equal content and Show only public API changes. In addition, we’re also planning to roll out the ability to compare NuGet packages, folders, and .zip files referenced by assemblies. These features will be made available in the Assembly Explorer window inside ReSharper and in the standalone version of dotPeek.

Grammar checking

It’s been a long time coming, but we’re finally nearing the finish line with the implementation of the new spellchecker – JetBrains Grazie.

The first installment of ReSharper’s Early Access Program (EAP) for version 2023.3 is about to be released! It’s an excellent opportunity to get access to the latest improvements and provide early feedback. Let us know which features and changes you’re looking forward to the most in the comments section below or on our social media channels.

UPD: ReSharper 2023.3 Early Access Program is now active!

You can get your hands on the newest features ahead of the release by installing the EAP builds.

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