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Livestream – Chris Klug: Stop using Entity Framework as a DTO provider!

Update: Recording is now available on JetBrains TV at YouTube.

Join us for another JetBrains Livestream on March 21st, 2024 at 2:00 PM UTC when guest Chris Klug gives his spicy take of “Stop using Entity Framework as a DTO provider!”.

Chris Klug has some opinions about Entity Framework and wants you to know about them…

Entity Framework is a great tool to retrieve your data from databases. However, it can also be a bit complicated and requires that you read a bit more than just the “Getting Started with EF” page. Unfortunately, this seems to be what most developers do.

I think that is why I keep seeing people using it to replicate the database structure in their code with DTOs. This is not the way it was intended to be used – it was intended to persist and retrieve data for your C# objects, not just DTOs.

And if one more person tells me, “We used a micro-ORM for this project since it does the same thing as EF but without the complexity”, I’ll blow a gasket!

Join me for a look into how we can do better. In this talk, I will show you how we can use proper OOP and still use EF to persist and retrieve our objects.


Chris Klug

Chris Klug

Chris Klug is a software developer at Active Solution in Stockholm. He spends his days creating or solving problems, depending on who you ask. He loves creating and building things, whether it be a new application or a new kitchen. Most of the time that means writing code to solve problems for clients and giving talks about doing things he is passionate about at conferences and user groups. He mixes up his free time by mountain biking, sim racing, or kiteboarding.

Personal site: https://www.fearofoblivion.com/

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