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Rider Splash Screens for EAPs (Early Access Pets)

The JetBrains professional design department creates the awesome splash screens that we all know and love for every Rider release. However, our design team only makes the splash screens for our release and Early Access Program (EAP) versions.

Many folks on our team use nightly builds, that really deserve the name of Early Access Program Pets releases. That’s because the Rider team decided last year to use pet pics for the splashes. The results are cuter than ever. 

You may have heard the phrase “Pets are people too”. Of course, they’re not literally people but pets are most certainly considered family to many people around the world. And now you get to take a peek into the pets (and people!) behind Rider at JetBrains.

2024.1 EAP2 – Pixel, Kara and Bronny

While we shipped the Rider 2024.1 EAP2 release in a tight box with a professional splash screen, the cats found a way in! They’re cats, it’s what they do. If you have tried this version, you have seen Pixel, Kara, and Bronny (shown left to right) who are cared for by Slava. Kara is like a majesticly small lion in looks but in reality he really is a cuddly and loving kitty. Pixel likes to have “meowversations” with her humans because she thinks she is a human. Bronny (nicknamed Bro) is the smartest one and likes treats so much he’ll solve complex pet puzzles to get them.

2023.3 DEV – Milya

This is Sasha’s cat, Milya. She’s over 19 years old, so she stays with Sasha’s mom. When Sasha visits, Milya runs faster than you’d think an older cat should to greet Sasha. Sasha has shared many stories about how wonderful, fun, and curious Milya is, and you can see the curiosity here. I’m sure that just after this picture Milya went boop on Sasha’s nose.

2023.2 DEV – Profit

Oh hai! I’m in your IDE, watching you code! One year during Serge’s birthday, he and friends came across Profit. It was cold and snowy and he gave Profit food, warmth, and a great home. Profit immediately took the role of a house cat with the title Benevolent Ruler of the House. He enjoyed such status until Serge’s family moved to the Netherlands. In this apartment close to the ground, Profit got out a window and got into some scuffles with the neighborhood cats, which caused some concern for Serge. Turns out though, Profit is a feisty fellow who can hold his own, and isn’t just the house cat Serge always thought. He likes it both outside and inside of the house. So now Profit holds the additional title of Benevolent Ruler of the Yard. Profit is just purrrrrfect.

2023.1 DEV – Kot and Iriska

Here we have two kitties that belong to Asia, our .NET QA lead. Let’s start with Lord Voldemort, more commonly known as Kot, because we dare not invoke the name of you-know-who. While most cats just sit in boxes, Kot also likes to eat them. Eating is the most physical activity that Kot does, as you can see from the splash screen (in this case – a stretch screen). Meanwhile, the tiny cat in the bottom-left corner peeking out from the JetBrains logo is Iriska, which means “Toffee”.  Iriska is the “talkative” cat who likes to zip around the house, only stopping occasionally to try to eat the inedible, demand a snuggle, or talk to its humans. Demanding snuggles and attention is Iriska’s specialty, and mere humans must comply with her demands, “or else”. 

2022.3 DEV – Ikki

Say hi to Ikki! Ikki belongs to Tatiana, the QA lead for Rider. Ikki really likes to RAAWR, as is evident from her Instagram photos. Perhaps this is because Ikki thinks she is a cat and this is her attempt at a MEOW? After all, she sits on window sills. She refuses to move, then just gets up and runs. Everyone just loves Ikki’s fluffy-spicy-diva vibes! Indeed, that is very cat-like. We’re onto you, Ikki! It’s ok, we’ll put some catnip in your chew toy.

The JetBrains team loves their pets

These aren’t just pets – they’re a part of JetBrains. Our pets make meetings more fun with their surprise visits. The cats test our IDEs by sitting on keyboards. The doggies bark commands to see if AI can recognize their request for a new squeaky toy. They’re serious and they’re professionals. Of course they’re paid market rate – the best kibble, cuddles, care, and love.

Give Rider 2024.1 EAP a try!

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