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Early Access Program Rider

Rider 2024.2 EAP 3 Is Out!

The latest installment in the Rider 2024.2 Early Access Program has just been released!

Let’s take a look at the changes.

Bundled .NET Watch Run Configuration plugin

dotnet-watch is a .NET global tool specifically designed to monitor file changes during development and promptly reload or restart the target command. One of the standout features of the .NET Watch Run Configuration plugin is its ability to tap into the standard features of Rider’s run configuration. This allows you to quickly add and fine-tune a dotnet-watch instance to any runnable project, including console applications, ASP.NET Core web apps, and desktop applications.

Starting from Rider 2024.2 EAP 3, the plugin comes pre-packaged with Rider. This means there is no need to download .NET Watch Run Configuration from JetBrains Marketplace. You can instantly start leveraging the power of dotnet-watch in your solutions. 

For a deep dive into the plugin’s functionality, check out this separate blog post.

Unreal Engine 

Sticky lines have now been upgraded to support preprocessor directives, making your work with C++ even more streamlined. In Unreal Engine codebases, #if and #elseif directives will be displayed in the sticky lines as you scroll through the source file. This helpful feature lets you easily track which conditions include the current code block in compilation, enhancing your coding efficiency.

That’s it for now! For the full list of changes included in this build, please go to our issue tracker.

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