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Rider 2024.2 EAP 4: Inline Rendering of Doc Comments and Tasks View 

Another week, another Rider 2024.2 Early Access Program build! 

This EAP build is packed with highly anticipated features such as the Tasks view and inline rendering of documentation comments. Let’s have a look!

Inline rendering of documentation comments

Instead of a wall of text mixed with tags, inline rendering changes these comments into a more visually appealing format, complete with links and code blocks. No more struggling with confusing tags – you’ll be able to read everything more clearly. It can be utilized in any C# or F# files to improve your reading experience.

Tasks tab and a task dependency graph

A new Tasks tab has been added to the Debug tool window. This tab presents detailed insights into the System.Threading.Tasks.Task and ValueTask objects, enhancing your ability to manage and monitor asynchronous operations. The tasks can be displayed in either a table or graph format, and you can switch between the two views via a drop-down menu located at the top-right corner of the tab.

The table view offers in-depth insights into the current state of each task – whether it is running, completed, blocked, or faulty, along with pertinent metadata. Showing task dependencies and simplifying the identification of deadlocks, the graph view is valuable in the debugging process.

For the full list of changes included in this build, please go to our issue tracker.

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