Fun and entertaining plugins for Rider

Rider’s ecosystem has many plugins covering a multitude of categories, including really fun ones. We’ve highlighted several plugins on this blog previously, but none specifically for the “fun stuff” category – apart from maybe Power Mode II and Nyan Progress Bar but those mean serious business!

So check out these Rider plugins that will make coding fun and brighten your day! Continue reading

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Readme.txt support, XDT transforms, native credential providers and more Rider 2019.2 NuGet updates

The latest Rider 2019.2 Early Access Preview (EAP) brings a bunch of updates to the built-in NuGet client!

  • We now display a package’s readme.txt to help determine next steps after installing a package.
  • XDT transformations are run, automatically adding/removing entries from configuration files when required by the package.
  • Rider supports native cross-platform credential providers, such as the one available for Azure DevOps/Artifacts, for accessing private feeds.
  • We have made several updates to upgrading multiple packages in multiple projects, making package upgrades easier.

That warrants a closer look, doesn’t it? Continue reading

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Long read: Where we are with “out of process” ReSharper

A little over a year ago, we ran a series of blog posts describing performance improvements we were making to ReSharper. We’ve delivered a lot of improvements in the releases since then, but we haven’t yet delivered on the big one – running ReSharper out of process. We thought it was about time we gave you an update on where we are.

TL;DR: This isn’t an announcement post. We don’t have an ETA to share right now, although we have made significant progress on what is a massive problem. This post should give you an idea of the scale of the technical challenges we are working through in order to make ReSharper run out of process successfully.

So, grab a coffee, find a comfy chair, and we’ll explain exactly what’s going on with ReSharper out of process, why it’s taking so long, and what the future plans are.

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Rider 2019.1.3 bug-fix update is released!

Today we’ve published another bug-fix build for the Rider 2019.1 release.


Here are some important fixes we’ve made in the Rider 2019.1.3 build:
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ReSharper Ultimate 2019.1.3 bug-fix update is released!

Say hello to the new ReSharper Ultimate release!


ReSharper Ultimate 2019.1.3 brings:

  • Initial support for the “Per-Monitor DPI Awareness” mode in Visual Studio 2019. If you disabled Optimize rendering for screens with different pixel densities via Tools | Options | Environment | General, because of the rendering issue we had with the ReSharper tool windows, please enable it again and check out how it now looks.
  • A couple of performance optimizations in code completion, typing, and changing C++ project references.
  • A fix for the Visual Studio hangs happening on opening solutions containing SSIS projects.
  • The size of the ReSharper log file is limited to prevent lots of disk space being taken up by it.

In case you want to see all the requests for this release, please visit our issue tracker page.

To install ReSharper Ultimate 2019.1.3, download the build from or run ReSharper | Help | Check for Updates from MS Visual Studio.

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Recursive Pattern Matching – A Look at New Language Features in C# 8

ReSharper and Rider support for C# 8Time for another post in our C# 8 series! In this post, we will continue our journey through C# 8 language features, and dive into recursive pattern matching.

In this series, we are looking at:

Folks who have worked with functional languages will probably be familiar with the concept behind the recursive pattern matching C# 8 language feature. This technique can be used to validate and inspect objects more easily based on their shape.

Fundamental for patterns in C# is the is operator, which was extended only recently in C# 7 to also receive patterns additionally to type names for checking objects. Some patterns that we already know are type, constant, and var patterns. With C# 8, discard pattern, positional patterns and property patterns are being introduced.

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Early Access Program for Rider 2019.2 is Open!

Today we are happy to start the Rider 2019.2 EAP.


The first build has these goodies inside, which you can already try out:
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ReSharper Ultimate 2019.2 Starts its Early Access Program

Today we are launching the Early Access Program for ReSharper Ultimate 2019.2.

ReSharper Ultimate 2019.2 EAP

Let me highlight briefly the key changes and improvements you can already try out in this first build of the ReSharper 2019.2 EAP:
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Blank tool windows – ReSharper, Visual Studio 2019, .NET Framework 4.8 and Per-Monitor DPI Awareness

Late last month, .NET Framework 4.8 was released. It comes with several enhancements to support Per-Monitor V2 DPI Awareness (PMv2) and Mixed-Mode DPI hosting in both Windows Forms and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF).

PMv2 makes it possible for controls to change their DPI dynamically. For example, when we move a window to a monitor with a different scale factor and DPI configuration, or when connecting to a remote desktop (RDP) session from a display with another DPI, we’ll see smooth and crisp rendering.

When using at least the Windows 10 April 2018 Update together with the latest version of .NET Framework 4.8, we can use Per-Monitor Awareness (PMA), which enables PMv2 and Mixed-Mode DPI, in Visual Studio 2019 to ensure our code and tool windows render properly on multi-monitor setups.

Unfortunately, sometimes tool windows do not render correctly when its Per-Monitor Awareness (PMA) setting is enabled – including ReSharper’s tool windows. 

What is the workaround?

If you are experiencing sporadic blank ReSharper tool windows (e.g. the test runner tool window or find usages) or are seeing blank tool windows for other Visual Studio extensions, make sure to disable Per-Monitor Awareness (PMA) by unchecking Optimize rendering for screens with different pixel densities via Tools | Options, then Environment | General.

Disable optimize rendering for screens with different pixel densities Continue reading

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Rider Gets Even Better in 2019.1.2

Say hello to Rider 2019.1.2 and its 80+ fixed bugs and improvements!


The list below collects all notable fixes/changes:
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