Webinar Recording: Migrating to Gogland from a Code Editor: Tips & Tricks

In case you’ve missed it, last week we had two great events. First, we held a wonderful webinar with Brian Ketelsen and Florin Pățan on migrating to Gogland from a code editor. Second, we released a new EAP build that among other things brings remote debugging capabilities and better performance.

The webinar may be interesting to you if you have a lot of experience with editors and never had a deep look at Gogland before. Brian, as a heavy user of many code editors (including Code and Vim), shared his experience: both good and bad. Florin, as a more heavy IDE user, showed the benefits an IDE (and Gogland in particular) offers comparing to the editors. Also, Florin and showed quite a lot of useful tips and tricks: things that help you be a more productive with Go.

For those who missed the webinar, here’s a recording:

If you don’t want to watch the whole video (which is a bit more than 1 hour), use the following links to jump to the most interesting part:

Please enjoy the video, and don’t forget to give a try to the update we released last week.

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