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Early Access Program Features

What’s new in GoLand 2018.3 EAP 3?

GoLand 2018.3 EAP 3 is available, and it brings you the ability to explore Go core dumps, improved Generate getter/setter intention actions, new Unreachable code inspection, the ability to attach arbitrary folders to already opened projects via the Open Project popup, and more.

Download GoLand 2018.3 EAP

Support for exploring Go core dumps

Sometimes standard debugging instruments fail to help you understand what’s wrong with the code, and you need to look under the hood of your program while it is in a very specific state. This is where core dumps come to the rescue!

GoLand makes exploring these dumps a lot easier by letting you do that without any third-party tools, all you need is Run | Open Core Dump menu.

Additionally, you can tell GoLand to create crash dumps automatically: just put GOTRACEBACK=crash to the Environment field in under Run configuration.

Please note that core dumps are by default available only on Linux machines, however, you can analyze memory dumps on any flavor of macOS, Windows, or Linux (of course).

Exploring core dump

Unreachable code inspection

Unreachable code inspection detects parts of code that can never be executed. As usual, you can adapt Severity level of this inspection to your needs in settings: Preferences | Editor | Inspections | Go | Control flow issues.

Unreachable code inspection in action

Better Generate getter/setter

Generate getter/setter, and Generate getter and setter intention actions now create boilerplate code and allow customization of pointer/non-pointer receiver type and its name.

In a related change, Generate Constructor, Generate getter/setter, Generate getter and setter intention actions are now available via the Generate popup menu.

Generate setter via Generate popup menu

Attach action is available via the Open Project popup

Open Project popup now lets attach a directory to already opened projects, so you may have as many opened projects in one GoLand instance as you want. Click File | Open, and choose a project you want to attach. Then, you will see this project in a Project structure along with other already opened projects.

Attach button in Open Project popup

Remember, you don’t have to wait for the official EAP announcements to try new features. After the Early Access Program is open, you can play with Nightly Builds that include all the latest developments.

Get this new build download from the website, via Toolbox App, or right from the IDE. Last but not less important: don’t hesitate to share your feedback with us: here in comments, in our Twitter, or our bug tracker.

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