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GoLand 2020.3 Early Access Build #4 is Out with Improvements around JavaScript and Related Technologies, Support for Couchbase, and More

GoLand 2020.3 early access build #4 is out! This version is packed with improvements around JavaScript and related technologies, support for Couchbase, and upgrades for working with databases.

Remember that you don’t need to wait for the official EAP announcements, as we regularly release nightly builds based on the latest development code. These nightly builds are only available via the Toolbox App.

You can get this EAP build through the Toolbox App, by downloading it from the website, or by using a snap package (for Ubuntu). Or update from right inside GoLand by selecting Automatically check updates for Early Access Program in Preferences / Settings | Appearance & Behavior | System Settings | Updates.

Download GoLand 2020.3 EAP #4

Couchbase support

Thanks to our colleagues from the DataGrip team, GoLand has expanded its family of supported databases with a new member – Couchbase! Please note that the IDE supports the Couchbase Query service, not the Couchbase Analytics service.

Create a React component from its usage

Courtesy of the WebStorm team, GoLand also has rich support for web development under the hood. One of the upcoming changes in this area is the ability to create a React component from an unresolved reference. Place the caret at an unresolved component, press Alt+Enter, and select the corresponding inspection.

Full support for pnpm

GoLand provides full support for the pnpm package manager, along with npm and yarn. When you open a project with a pnpm-lock file and have pnpm installed on your machine, GoLand will automatically change the package manager for this project to pnpm. The IDE also has a dedicated pnpm option in the list of package managers under Preferences/Settings | Languages and Frameworks | Node.js and NPM.

Support for grants

GoLand knows about object grants and displays them in an object’s DDLs. This works for MySQL, PostgreSQL, Greenplum, Redshift, and SQL Server.

Separate editor for cell values

We’ve improved the separate editor for cell values in several different ways:

  • Now it displays the formatted value even if the value is not formatted properly.
  • It’s possible to edit the value in the formatted view and update it with the original formatting in one-line XMLs and JSONs.
  • If the width of the screen is crucial to your flow, you can move the cell value editor to the bottom of the data editor.
  • This panel can now also display images!

Import/export for databases

We’ve added two new extractors to help you work with data more easily:

  • One-Row will help you copy a column to a comma-separated string.
  • SQL-Insert-Multirow will generate a single INSERT statement with multiple new rows to be inserted.

In addition, now there is a new option in CSV format configuration: never quote values.

That’s all for today! Your feedback is an invaluable source of ideas for improvement, so please send us your feature requests via the bug tracker or tweet us @GoLandIDE. Thank you!

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