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Webinar: Fireside Chat with the Delve team

Debugging is an essential tool for locating bugs, identifying problematic code, and isolating the source of problems step-by-step. Go has an open-source debugger called Delve built especially for the language. Delve is already a 7-year old mature project, used for most popular IDEs and code editors under the hood, and GoLand is no exception.

Behind any project are people who have a passion to make coding a productive and enjoyable experience. On the 24th of June at 4:00 pm CEST we invite you to join us at the webinar with the creators of Delve, Derek Parker and Allessandro Arzilli.


What to expect?

  • We will take a look at the story of the project, discuss how Delve became an official Go debugger, and discuss which difficulties the team faced during the journey.
  • We will discuss the evolution of the language and its upcoming changes, how new Go versions affect the debugger, and how the team manages them, with particular attention to upcoming generics-related changes from Go 1.18 and register-based changes from Go 1.17.
  • How the ARM64 came to be, how to port the debugger to other platforms, such as ARM32, and what it takes to contribute to the project.
  • The migration of the project to TeamCity Cloud (a tool which helps build software faster) for the CI pipeline.
  • Our guests’ favorite features, such as record and replay debugging and call injections.

Interested? Save your seat and prepare questions – we will handle them during the webinar. Submit your questions before the webinar by tweeting to us @GoLandIDE or take part in the stream and pose them to our guests live.

The webinar will be held by Florin Pățan, a Developer Advocate at JetBrains for GoLand and the author of many articles in our blog. Florin has been a gopher for a few years, has built many high-performance distributed projects, and now helps other gophers worldwide.

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