Hub 2.5 (Build 330) is here!

We are glad to announce that Hub 2.5 (build 330) is released!

This update brings some usability improvements, among them:

    1. Hub’s header was updated, so it looks more aligned with other JetBrains team tools.
    2. The default page was changed to a Dashboard. Now, if you log in to Hub as a Guest, you will see the Guest Dashboard.
    3. The documentation was also updated ⎯ it is more structured and has more tips.


This new build also includes some bug fixes and performance improvements. For more details, please check the Release Notes.

Download Hub 2.5 and enjoy a new version today!

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Hub 2.0.314 Is Out

Please meet Hub 2.0.314! This new update brings a number of important fixes and improvements, including authentication, localization and usability problems.

For more details, please check the full list of fixes in the Release notes.

Download the latest version and enjoy the updates today!

The Drive to Develop

The JetBrains Team

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Hub 3.0 Roadmap

Since we released Hub 2.0 a few months ago, the team has been busy delivering updates for the current version. Today we are excited to share the roadmap for Hub 3.0, the upcoming version of Hub. Please note that this is just an approximate plan and subject to change.

As usual, we’ve divided the list of features into several groups:

    • Required features – we won’t release the next version until all these features are done.
    • Wanted features – the list of features that we want to include in Hub 3.0.
    • Nice-to-have features – optional features that would be great to have in the next version but not guaranteed.

Required Features

  1. Go to action JPS-3215.

This cool feature will allow you to get directly to various categories and substances in Hub, which is much more convenient than the typical navigation between the tabs. The most exciting thing about it is its fuzzy search. Let’s say you want to find one of your users using this feature. Click the Global Navigation icon in the header or just use the shortcut Cmd+K to open a command window. Start typing the first letters of a username, and Hub will show you a list of matching users to choose from. You don’t even have to use the space button to find what you are looking for.

Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 12.21.32To switch to another menu item, start typing its name and you will get a suggestion immediately.

Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 11.58.58

2. LDAP support improvements JPS-2290:

  • Allow LDAP Authentication Via Bind User JPS-2289. For various reasons, some users experience difficulties with LDAP Simple Bind Authentication that we currently support in Hub. LDAP Bind Authentication will allow users to integrate LDAP and Hub database painlessly.
  • LDAP hierarchical User Directory support JPS-2892. Users will be able to create different Auth Modules for the different branches of LDAP. It will make it easier for those who have LDAP hierarchical user directory to have a similar structure in Hub.

More LDAP support improvements are also mentioned in the “nice-to-have” list below.

3. Usability Improvements:

  • Enable user to add authorization details on his/her profile page JPS-942.
  • System Admin role should automatically include all permissions JPS-3638.

4. Support OpenID Connect.

Today Hub supports some OpenID 2.0 providers as Authentication Modules. To make an authentication process faster and more secure for you, we will support OpenID Connect standard and integrate those providers that already support it.

5. Dashboard improvements:

  • Add “Preview” mode to Default (Guest) Dashboard for Admin user DSH-582.
  • Make the Dashboard a default landing page JPS-3927.
  • Add “Create an issue” widget on Dashboard DSH-588.

Along with these features we want to make some header changes to make it easier for YouTrack and Upsource users to use Hub: move all user pages to the top and all the admin pages under the settings.

Wanted features

  1. Continuous synchronization with LDAP JPS-228. This feature will provide real-time synchronization with LDAP.
  2. Authentication:
  • Two-factor Authentication JPS-3486.
  • Implement SAML authentication module JPS-3207.

Nice-to-have features

1. LDAP support improvements:

  • Support for LDAP Group JPS-2212.
  • Password synchronization with LDAP JPS-2891.
  • Possibility to select avatar from Active Directory JPS-2894.

2. Add a project to your favorites JPS-3067.

3. Clone an existing project in Hub JPS-2135.

4. Implement comparison for various categories and substances JPS-2122.

5. Make Hub an external auth server for third party services JPS-3030.

6. Usability Improvements:

  • Auto-save function on the pages of editing JPS-3852.
  • Implement user profile card as a widget JPS-3962. Users will be able to view cards that display user details that are stored in the Hub user profile. These cards will be displayed as pop-ups when you move the pointer over links that reference Hub user accounts. 

Снимок экрана 2016-06-22 в 15.45.37

We will be very happy to hear your feedback on this roadmap. You can also vote for features and issues on YouTrack, as well as  submit new feature requests. Follow us on Twitter to always get the latest news.

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Hub 2.0.244 has arrived

Hi everyone!

A new bug fix version for Hub 2.0 is available. It includes some important bug fixes in the Dashboard, UI and localization updates.

You can check the full list of updates in the Release notes.

Download Hub 2.0.244 to upgrade to the latest version right now! 

The Drive to Develop

JetBrains Hub Team 

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Multiple, Shareable and Guest Dashboards

Dashboard is the heartbeat of every project and team. You want to come to your Dashboard and get the most important information: progress made, current status, changes, and possible problems and bottlenecks, just from a glance. Like pilots monitoring  their dashboard to make sure the flight goes smoothly.

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 18.40.59


On Hub’s Dashboard, you can place widgets from all the services connected to your Hub: YouTrack widgets (reports, issues), Upsource widgets (code reviews, commits), TeamCity widgets (project status, investigations, build artefacts), and Quick Notes. Also, in Hub 2.0 you can create as many dashboards as you want and share them with the whole team, individual colleagues, or the whole company.

Why do you need multiple and shareable dashboards?

In every team there are lots of different roles: developers, QA testers, managers, designers, support, marketing people, and more. How do you know what’s important to every member of your team? Of course, general metrics are crucial for everyone, but when it comes to specific needs, every role has its own priorities. Hence multiple and shareable dashboards.

You can have your personal dashboard, reflecting what’s important to you or your sub-team. Of course, you are free to share it, as your priorities might be interesting to others in your team. At the same time, you can have a common shared dashboard for the whole team, reflecting the most important project metrics.

Here are some examples of team dashboards for our own YouTrack and Hub teams at JetBrains.

1. Hub Team Lead dashboard

The Hub Team Lead manages the team, combining it with some coding. He keeps an eye on the latest commits made by the team, development brunch builds status, as well as the 2.0 (release branch) builds status, checks the code reviews done by the team. He also watches his unresolved and in-progress tasks, investigations, and critical and show-stopper issues in the released version.

Pasted image at 2016_05_23 14_14

2. YouTrack Development team dashboard

This dashboard is shared across the whole development team. It shows unresolved orphan tasks for the current sprint, all the commits to the development branch, development branch front-end and back-end builds status, investigations and code reviews for each team member, and YouTrack 7.0 build artifacts.


3. YouTrack Developer personal dashboard

This developer is watching the latest commits from the team, code reviews assigned to him, TeamCity tests status, all his unresolved issues, new issues reported by the customers every day, and of course self-motivating quick notes.


4. YouTrack QA team dashboard

Our QA team is interested in all the latest commits made by the developers, to be ready to test them. QA team also monitors all the issues assigned to the upcoming version, distributed by assignees; and all the issues they need to verify, distributed by subsystems. They also keep an eye on code reviews made by the team, the latest YouTrack builds status, of the current and upcoming versions.

QA Team dashboard

5. YouTrack & Hub Marketing dashboard

This is my personal dashboard. It contains the list of my tasks, and the tasks I’m interested in getting from various Operation teams, like Design, Web, and Evangelism teams. I’m also watching the development Backlog for the upcoming YouTrack version, as well as the release management tasks for Hub and YouTrack. I also keep my to-do list and update it weekly.

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 18.11.22

6. Default (Guest) dashboard

Tell newcomers, your customers and external users how your project(s) is doing. It’s very easy, you just need to configure the Guest Dashboard, which will be shown to everyone externally.

As an example, look at this Guest Dashboard configured on the JetBrains production Hub. A guest user can see a list of top issue reporters in IntelliJ IDEA, CLion and AppCode projects, see how issues are distributed in our products, how many new bugs and features are reported in our team tools vs. fixed and verified issues, see the latest code reviews in IntelliJ community project, and more.

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 17.12.57

Please follow this instructions to configure a Default dashboard.

Dashboard is the fastest way to get the crucial information you need at a glance. With Hub 2.0, there are so many ways to use and share data with your team, the whole company and your customers. Go for it! Download Hub 2.0 free, and connect your JetBrains team tools today.

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Hub 2.0.182 Is Out

Welcome a fresh Hub 2.0.182 update with a set of useful fixes and improvements, including:

Please check the full list of the Release Notes for more details.

Download the latest Hub 2.0.182 today and enjoy all the goodies!

The Drive to Develop

The JetBrains Team


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Welcome Hub 2.0.156

Happy Friday everyone! Please welcome a fresh Hub 2.0.156. This minor update contains a number of important bug fixes for the recently released Hub 2.0, such as:

  • Various localization issues
  • Internal error on the Dashboard when Guest account is banned
  • Security issue: it’s possible to pass fake error_uri parameter in URL
  • Broken query assist for Trusted SSL Certificates
  • Infinite progress when bad query is entered
  • And more

Check the full list of the Release Notes for the details.

Download the latest Hub 2.0.156 and enjoy all the improvements.

The Drive to Develop

The JetBrains Team

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Hub 2.0.100 Is Available

The first bug fix for Hub 2.0 is available. A number of important bug fixes is included into this minor update. Please check the full list of the Release notes for more details.

Download Hub 2.0.100 and enjoy the latest version today!

The Drive to Develop

The JetBrains Team


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Hub 1.0.809 Is Here

Please welcome a fresh Hub 1.0.809 update. This build brings a fix for the missing icons in the installer and Chrome browser. For more details, please read the Release Notes.

Download Hub 1.0.809 now and enjoy the latest version!

Keep the Drive to Develop,

The JetBrains Team


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Fresh Hub 1.0.808 Is Arrived

Please welcome a brand new Hub 1.0.808! This minor update brings a number of bug fixes, including the problem with the icons in Chrome.

Download the latest Hub 1.0.808 and upgrade today.

If you need more details about the new build, please check the full list of the Release Notes.

Keep the Drive to Develop!

The JetBrains Team


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