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IntelliJ IDEA Gets Educational!

Every professional developer was once a learner. We live in a fascinating world full of new challenges and opportunities, which means every professional developer can become a learner once again, or share what they have learned as an educator. No matter what role suits you best, IntelliJ IDEA is here for you.

Please welcome IntelliJ IDEA Edu – a brand new flavor of the IDE joining our Community and Ultimate editions. It is now available for preview in our IntelliJ IDEA Edu 2019.3 EAP (Early Access Program).


IntelliJ IDEA Edu supports Java, Kotlin, and Scala. As a learner, you can practice programming inside the IDE and get helpful, instant feedback. As an educator, you can create exciting learning materials and augment them with assignments that help your students practice their programming and create integrated tests to help them retain their new knowledge:


IntelliJ IDEA Edu has all the features of IntelliJ IDEA Community, with the addition of a special toolkit for learners and educators in the form of the EduTools plugin. It is free and open-source. Please find more details about all the learning opportunities on our website or check out the features for educators.

If you are passionate about learning or sharing your knowledge, we are excited to get your feedback and discuss ideas with you. Give it a try and leave a comment here or on Twitter!


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