We’re hiring! Localization QA engineers for the Chinese, Japanese, and Korean markets

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JetBrains aims to make our products more accessible and easier to use for Asian markets. We’re localizing IntelliJ-based products into Chinese, Korean, and Japanese and are currently looking for localization QA engineers.

Let us briefly describe the positions that are currently being advertised on our website.

Our products have English as the source language and we hope that the new members of the IntelliJ IDEA team, being native or near-native speakers of the Simplified Chinese / Japanese / Korean languages, will help our localized products fit the needs of our users better and lower cultural barriers.

Your tasks will include the following:

  • Linguistic testing of localized software: testing the user interface, localized features, and content for accuracy, ensuring that these elements are appropriate in both cultural and technical contexts.
  • Detecting and reporting translation errors.
  • Finding issues that impact the effectiveness or adaptation of the product to the region’s market specifically.
  • Manual testing of new or existing functionality in different environments.
  • Reproducing defects reported by users.
  • Regression testing of stable functionality.
  • Acceptance testing of new features.
  • Close collaboration with the development team to investigate the cause of issues detected.

Required Skills:

  • 3–6 years of experience with desktop application testing.
  • Experience working in IDEs (IntelliJ-based products, Visual Studio).
  • Strong understanding of the principles of software testing.
  • Knowledge of a programming language (Java/C#/Python).
  • Attention to detail to ensure the quality of the UI localization.
  • Ability to test without functional specification.
  • Ability to investigate and reproduce critical or complicated cases.
  • Fluent English.
  • Native or native-like proficiency in Simplified Chinese / Japanese / Korean.

Personal Qualities:

We are looking for people who strongly believe that communication is key and who are able to take the initiative and be self-organized. As a member of a distributed team, you’ll need to have experience with remote collaboration. Ensuring the high quality of our localized software and the desire to constantly improve our products mean that you should be good at communicating with different teams and switching between multiple tasks.

If you have experience working with JetBrains products, with cross-platform application testing and different operating systems, this would be a plus.

Join JetBrains and become a part of our vision in achieving success through making tools that help people make better software and be proud of what they create!

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