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IntelliJ IDEA Conf – Celebrating the developer community

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Our intention with IntelliJ IDEA Conf is to celebrate the developer community and its desire to learn and improve everyday.

We invite you to join us for this free online conference and learn from industry leaders and experts on September 29–30, 2022. Learn about a variety of topics, like Core Java, Kotlin, Spring, Kubernetes, JUnit, mobile development, and hear stories about contributing to open source projects. You’ll also discover how to use JetBrains IDEs to address the challenges of remote development, and learn about our brand new IDE – Fleet.

Conference Details and Registration


We’ll host this conference across two days, September 29–30, with 10 sessions being hosted in total. The conference has a single track on both days. Each day, we’ll host five sessions, each lasting one hour, including the Q/A.

We’ve arranged the following visuals to represent when the sessions will start and end in three time zones – CEST (Central European Summer Time), UTC (Universal Time Coordinated), and EDT (Eastern Daylight Time). Please use this link for session descriptions and the speaker details.

Here’s a list of the sessions, presented in the order in which they will take place on the first day of IntelliJ IDEA Conf:

Here’s the list of the sessions, presented in the order in which they will take place on the second day of IntelliJ IDEA Conf:

Please check out the detailed agenda to access speaker and session details.

Community partnership

This conference covers a wide range of topics. As a User Group (UG) leader, if you think the sessions at this conference will benefit your members, we invite you to become community partners with IntelliJ IDEA Conf and share the details of the event with your group members. The registration process is simple and only requires you to submit a few details about your UG and one of its leaders. Click here to register as a community partner.

After submission of your registration form, we will host the logo of your User Group as a Community Outreach partner on our event page. Community partners will also receive free JetBrains IDE licenses.

In-person conference or virtual conference, which one is better?

Given that in-person conferences are slowly coming back to the fore, this question is inevitable. In this case, there is no “best” really :-).

Accessibility and convenience are one of the greatest benefits of a virtual conference like IntelliJ IDEA Conf. You can join in and learn from anywhere in the world. This conference is also free to attend, all you need is your device, an internet connection, and the desire to learn.

This convenience comes at the cost of not being able to interact with other attendees, speakers, or others as you would at an in-person conference. However, attending an in-person conference requires you to travel to the conference venue and perhaps take day(s) off work. This might not be feasible for a lot of developers across the globe, irrespective of how compelling the conference agenda is.

Who is this event for?

This is a developer focused event.

IntelliJ IDEA Conf includes sessions on languages and frameworks like Java, Spring, Kotlin, JUnit, JavaFX, and Apache Pulsar. Its keynote talks about contributing to Open-Source. It also includes a session on using JetBrains IDEs to address the challenges of remote development, and another on our brand new IDE – Fleet.

Attending sessions – logistics

When you register to attend this event, you can choose to attend all sessions or only specific ones. Once your registration is complete, JetBrains will email you all the details you will need to view the sessions. All the sessions are 1-hour long.

None of the sessions on this conference are prerecorded. The speakers will present the session in real time and answer questions either by taking quick breaks or towards the end of their sessions. We encourage you to ask questions via the chat option while watching the sessions. Engaging with the speaker or your fellow participants is one of the best ways to learn.

All the sessions will be recorded and available after the event. Don’t forget to subscribe to IntelliJ IDEA’s YouTube channel to view them.


Don’t miss the chance to hang out with us on social media. We’ll be using the hashtag #IntelliJIDEAConf on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn throughout the event.

Thanks to our speakers

This celebration wouldn’t be possible without the amazing presenters and speakers who help developers along their journey. At JetBrains, we are very appreciative to all of the speakers who graciously accepted our invitation to participate in this conference.

We are grateful that industry leaders like Donald Raab, Josh Long, Gail Anderson, Mary Grygleski, Marc Philipp, Nikhil Nanivadkar, Tomasz Nurkiewicz, Matt Ellis, Anton Arhipov, and Vitaly Bragilevsky have agreed to join us for this event.

We truly appreciate them for their support.

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