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Hibernate Criteria API Supported in IntelliJ IDEA X

Since IntelliJ IDEA X property names can be completed and navigated. Unrecognized properties are highlighted by the corresponding inspection. The screenshot says it all in a visual manner. Download IntelliJ IDEA X EAP build and try this feature.

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Database Access Improved

The latest IntelliJ IDEA 9.0.2 EAP contains a big number of Database-related functionality changes: Database Console now has its own toolwindow New console-like UI that keeps input and output in one place and retains the highlighting for execution history Keyboard … Continue reading

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Generate Persistence Mappings by Database Schema

The upcoming IntelliJ IDEA 8.1.1 includes a new option to generate separate XML mapping per entity.

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Generating Persistence Mappings from Database Schema

With IntelliJ IDEA you can quickly generate persistence mappings from any database schema. This feature is not so easy to find, so here’s the tip:

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HQL Console with Pure JPA Facets

In IntelliJ IDEA HQL console can be used with pure JPA facets (as well as with Hibernate facets) to run JPAQL and HQL queries. All you need is Hibernate libraries and JDBC driver in a module classpath. If persistence.xml contains … Continue reading

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ER-Diagram Structure Popup

In IntelliJ IDEA you can quickly navigate within JPA/Hibernate ER-Diagram using the File Structure Popup (press Ctrl+F12, or invoke View menu, File Structure Popup command):

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Spring and Hibernate Coding Assistance

IntelliJ IDEA 7 M1 introduces the full-blown support for Spring and Hibernate through the dedicated facets. Traditionally, Spring and Hibernate are integrated with a wide range of IntelliJ IDEA productivity-boosting features. With IntelliJ IDEA you can create Spring applications from … Continue reading

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IntelliJ IDEA Hibernate Annotations Trick

IntelliJ IDEA 6.0 features numerous enhancements for making Java EE development easier and more productive. EJB relationship diagram builder brings valuable bonus to those who use Hibernate annotations for defining data models in their applications. All the power of the … Continue reading

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